You're Treated Like Family At Sandals Royal Plantation

From September 24 – 29 we had the privilege of staying at the boutique style Sandals Royal Plantation Resort & Spa, where prior to arriving, we always heard so much about it, but now had the opportunity to experience the vacation property in person.

The first thing you will experience when you touch down in the Montego Bay airport, which is always a welcome treat is the private check-in room that is full of iced cold beverages, snacks, and a relaxing atmosphere that is just what you need to prepare you for your journey. Then off you go to your Sandals Resort destination in a comfortable private transfer van where you will have an opportunity to talk to a few other guests that are also anticipating the arrival at the resort.

The First Thing That Catches Your Eyes Is The Spectacular Entrance!

The moment you drive into the Sandals Royal Plantation entrance the first thing you will notice is how beautiful the grounds are, and how well maintained it is with a spectacular center fountain spouting out water in all directions. As you proceed through the intimate lobby area you’re warmly greeted by passionate and friendly resort staff with a refreshing cool towel that has the smell of lemongrass. This is when reality kicks in and you immediately realize that you have just arrived! As the Sandals staff make it clear to you that they are your family for the duration of your stay.

The Rooms Were Spacious, Clean, and Very Comfortable

When first entering the room, they are very nice, spacious, and clean. We were told they were going through remodelling and are going to be upgrading all the rooms to make them even nicer than they already are now. If you have ever travelled and were worried about how the beds were going to be, you need not worry at the Royal Plantation. The beds were so comfortable, we didn’t want to leave them, but unfortunately we were torn as the spectacular Caribbean waters in Ocho Rios were calling us every morning.

The Sandals Grounds were Well Manicured with Fresh Flowers

As you walked the grounds you quickly noticed that details were extremely important to this resort, and we never witnessed any areas that looked dirty or out of place. The flowers looked fresh and vibrant, and as we walked through the lobby area towards the pool and beach the views were spectacular!

There was never a time while on the property that we felt alone as we were always greeted by the staff and we would also bump into our fantastic Butlers with a friendly hello and they would ask us how our time was and if there was anything they could do for us at the time.

The Butlers Did It! With Class and Style!

What can I say about our Butlers other than WOW!!! We had two that took care of us for the duration of our stay. They were Audelle (aka Teddy Bear) and Chadworth, and they were incredible people that showed us they truly cared about what they did, and that was ensuring as we felt very comfortable and well taken care of…

We’re Not Ones That Go out of our Way to Get Pampered!

We normally are not people that go out of our way to get pampered, and this has been our first experience having Butler service that took care of our every need. All we can say is that it has been the most amazing experience ever, and it was truly unbelievable that you could go on vacation at a resort where you can actually order drinks or food on the beach while we were swimming and soaking up the sun.

You’re Given a Personal Cell Phone to Reach Your Butlers

We were given a personal cell phone with a direct line to our Butlers where we were only one call away to put in our service requests! We wanted to dine with other guests, so we called our Butler to see if he can arrange to have us join them for dinner. Not even 10 minutes later it was done.

Unfortunately we didn’t see Chadworth as much as Audell in person, but Chadworth was always available to us by cell phone when we had any special requests. When we would arrive back at our room from the beach or one of our tours to relax, or to get ready to venture out for our dinners, there was always a nice surprise waiting for us at the room! Such as the infamous towel animals, delicious chocolates, and one time they did rose pedals leading to a led candle lit bubble bath…

Speaking of Rooms!

There was never a time that the rooms were not clean, and it was really nice to have the extra turn down service by the staff in the late afternoon or evening. Some resorts we have stayed at would clean the room once, and it was really nice to have that extra cleaning throughout the day/evening.

Okay let’s Talk About The Incredible Food!

First I don’t believe I have ever tried so many types of food as I’m really picky when it comes to some particular items. But when I attempted to go for it, there’s truly was no regrets. I had a soup that included an infusion of Blue Cheese in it, and I was so scared to try it, but after cautiously tasting the soup, I was really amazed at how good it was, and I truly enjoyed the flavor.

There was not one meal during breakfast, lunch, or dinner that was not good, and the meals were cooked to perfection. We love to eat, but we’re not a huge eaters, but there was never a time that anything was left on our plates, and we even ate all the vegetables!

Several times we ordered the room service late at night, and even though there were a couple of times we did make our order too late, they still fulfilled it and did not say that we could not have it. Now that’s incredible service. The food was just as good as if you were to go to any of their restaurants, and right up until we departed we made sure we added the late night room service to our daily routine.

Now We can’t Forget to Mention the Beach!

In our strongest opinions and compared to other beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico, the beach was small but very nice, however, the water was spectacular, with no Seaweed. We never had an issue finding chairs on the beach, and of course the moment you would sit down, a staff member was there waiting to take your drink or food order.

We can go on and on about Sandals Royal Plantation, but my fingers are starting to get numb. We can’t be sure how often we would get a chance to visit this boutique resort again, but all we have to say is that the bar has been lifted very high, and we truly feel sorry for any other resorts we visit in the near future that claim they are a 5 Star property.

It Was Really Hard to Leave and Say Goodbye

You may agree with us when we say this, but most of the vacations we go on normally at the end of our trip we are ready to go home. However, after experiencing such an amazing time at Sandals Royal Plantation, this time it was really hard to want to leave.

As we waited for our private van transfer to go back to the airport, our Butler Audell and some other resort staff members stood with us at the front lobby. They talked and then when the van arrived, gave us hugs good bye. Again, we have never had such an experience like this before, and as we proceeded to turn the corner of the property, we noticed they were still there waving goodbye. I actually joked that maybe they were really happy to see us leave. LOL!! But we knew that was not the case.

We have been travelling for many years and there has never been a resort that we have stayed at before that provided such personal family oriented service, and it’s something we will remember and cherish for many years to come.

No question this is a vacation that will dig a bit deeper in your savings, and this may be a resort that you would not visit year after year, unless you’re lucky enough to do so. But if you ever want to have an experience of a lifetime and see what true customer services is all about, this is the resort you need to visit. But we warn you, once you go, you’re going to co
mpare this quality to all other vacations resorts you visit afterwards.

We want to take another opportunity to thank Sandals Royal Plantation and their wonderful staff for their warm family oriented hospitality. Especially a warm thank you to the Resorts General Manager Arnold who believes that the people around him is what makes their resort truly stand out.

Thank you Kelly-Anne (Sales & Wedding Manager) who took it upon herself to invite us, and made our experience one to remember. We just have to let you know that she is also an incredible Zip-Liner and we have video to prove it.

Other mentions are to our incredible Butlers Audell and Chadworth that really went out of their way to make us feel at home. The Bartenders, Jr., Richard, and Orane, that made our evenings in the Wobbly Peacock so much fun and entertaining. One last shout out and thank is to Tevin (The Entertainment Director) that always went out of his way to talk to us and ask how we were doing. Such incredible and kind people.

What more can we say! When you say a resort treats all guests like family, you are all true to your word, and for that reason alone, we look forward to coming back home for another visit.