Where To Find Official Hotel Websites

Sometimes you may need more detailed information about a particular hotel or direct contact information like e-mail address, phone and fax numbers. There's no doubt that most hotels have their own or official websites where you can find such information.

So, how to find these websites? If you drop the hotel name in a web search engine like Google, you may not always get the official homepage as # 1 result. There can also be dozens of hotel reservation sites on top of the official website and they are usually not showing the direct contact information of the hotel you are looking for. I have come across that many times and that can be very time-consuming.

What are my suggestions?

1) It is much easier to find a national tourism organization of the destination country with some kind of accommodation database.

2) Another good place to look in is an official homepage of the region, town or a city where the hotel is located at. There you can find links to local tourism organizations with accommodation databases.

3) If you know that hotel belongs to some hotel chain then it can be found in the hotel chain's official website.

4) In many countries there are hotel associations with member lists of hotels.

5) There are some special hotel directories with hotel lists but those are the most incomplete ones. Better try the options mentioned above.

Good luck with search!

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