What to Do Before Taking an Alaskan Fishing Trip

You've already decided to go on a fishing trip to Alaska and you've booked your fishing lodge and airfare. What else do you need to do? Read on to find out how you can get ready for one of the best fishing trips of your life.

Do some research

You'll have a much better trip if you do a little research before you go. Purchase a few books on Alaska fishing or check them out from your local library. Do some searches online for Alaska fishing websites. Read as much as you can about Alaska's fish species, fishing locations and information specific to the type of fishing you'll be doing (ie ice fishing, fly fishing, saltwater fishing, etc.) The more you know before you leave home, the More you'll get from your trip.

Reserve a fishing guide

If you are staying at a fishing lodge, the service of a fishing guide is probably included as part of your lodging package. But if you're staying in a hotel or camping, you'll need to reserve a guide or charter for fishing. In order to find a good fishing guide, ask friends for recommendations, browse fishing guide websites and check with the local visitors bureau. Once you find some qualified candidates, call the fishing guide company and ask a few questions. Reserve in advance as soon as possible to lock in your guide.

Know the rules

Just like other places, Alaska has laws and regulations governing fishing in the state. There are regulations that cover which fish can be kept and what size they have to be in order for you to keep them. Alaska fishing licenses are also required for all types of fishing. Special stamps and licenses may be required in order to fish for King Salmon or other species. The regulations vary by region in Alaska, so check out the details where you're staying. You do not want to have to worry about getting a fine or ticket on your fishing trip.

Be prepared

When you've done research about the time of year when you'll be fishing, start collecting any gear that you might need. Check with your fishing guide or lodge to see what they provide. Proper raingear, mosquito repellant, fly fishing patterns, all weather boots – get whatever you think maybe need in advance. You can always fill in the gaps once you get to Alaska, but it will be easier if you have most of your supplies before you start your trip.

Commit to having a great time

You can plan your fishing trip to the "T" and sometimes things just do not go right. Bad weather, transportation issues, there are lots of things that can go wrong during your fishing trip. Decide to have a wonderful time no matter what happens.

For many anglers, a fishing trip to Alaska is a once in a lifetime experience. With a little background information and the right attitude, your Alaskan fishing trip will be everything you want it to be. Happy fishing!