Vacation Decision – Rent A Holiday Home Or Stay In A Hotel?

We all know the widely acclaimed travel agencies such as Travelocity and Expedia that offer only hotels rooms but who really wants to stay in a small, crowded hotel room when you could rent a house or condominium for 50% to 80% less per square foot. Not only that, but they come with many advantages. Condominiums and houses have a lot more room and amenities such as laundry facilities, barbeques, and fully equipped kitchens enabling a closer feeling to home.

Although vacation properties are still quite recent they are growing, with estimates of $ 63 billion in revenue annually according to the research done by the team, and Vacation rental management companies are expecting 12% more rental homes this year than in 2006. Holiday homes increased its exposure to the worldwide audience by offering rental vacation homes around the world. Business opportunities are also thriving with the increased popularity of vacation properties. With many online Vacation rental directories, such as Holiday Homes it is now easier than ever to find a vacation home you will never forget. Holiday homes offers many vacation properties such as villas, cottages, apartments, and bed and breakfasts to choose from and is continuing to expand. With easy access to all the site's features, you will be sure to find your dream holiday home in a blink of an eye.

Not only is it a convenient way to find a cabin, but it is also even easier to list your own holiday home its easy, convenient and inexpensive when compared to other vacation rental directories. Although vacation rentals are growing and expanding many people have still not discover them. 1 in 5 European vacationers choose to rent a house or condo and it is estimated that in about 10 years Americans will reach that same rate. Hard to believe? Think of Google, not many people knew about it 10 years ago and look at it now.Now owners of second homes, are reaping the benefits of greater exposure on the web. Many of them at one point, deciding to sell their home but when a general downfall in the real estate market took place they decided to hold on to the property. Now they are so successful in renting their properties that they no longer want to sell their property because of all the income they are earning.

Another thing that has made vacation rentals even easier to find today than ever is the internet. The web has unleashed "the next growth wave" in the once sleepy business of vacation rentals. It has also made the vacation rental inventory more searchable and fewer dependent of paper ads and the word of mouth. With the many vacation home rental directories such as Holiday Homes and countless others on the web, it is now easier to list your home and take advantage of their great services. Looking at all the advantages of Holiday Homes why would not you want a rent a house or a condo for your next trip.