Vacation Condos – Florida Rentals Can Be A Much Better Deal Than Hotels

When you imagine a Florida vacation accommodation, it's easy to think of something that only the very wealthy and the elite can afford. The real truth is that vacation condo rentals can be much more affordable than even a low-end hotel or motel. For a vacation hot spot such as sunny Florida, you may be surprised at the choices that are available to you. It certainly will not cost you an arm and a leg to be able to afford a vacation condo in Florida, on the beach or in the middle of downtown Miami.

The rental rates for vacation condos all over the state will vary with each location. You can rent very small, modest condos or larger ones with several bedrooms and room for you and your entire extended family. A common rule when renting a condo is that the more people that will be traveling with you and sharing your expenses, the less expensive it will be for each person. Condo rentals are perfect for family reunions, work retreats, or just big group vacations with your friends.

Flexibility of Travel Dates and Destination Can Save You Money

Do a little research before you get serious about renting a vacation condo in Florida, so you know what to expect as far as rental rates and the different areas you can afford. If you do not have a particular destination in mind you will have many more options to choose from. Flexibility of travel dates and destination can save you a lot of money in the long run. Obviously a beach house right on the ocean during the busy season will be much more expensive than if you take a location a little more inland and travel during a different time of year.

Indian Rocks Beach is located about 90 minutes from Disney World and Universal Studios, and about 40 minutes from Busch Gardens. Here you can find a two bedroom, two bathroom vacation condo for just $ 600 per week. A condo this size can accommodate up to five people, so lodging for an entire week would only cost $ 120 per week per person. The Island of Venice condos will usually command slightly higher rental rates but the atmosphere justifies the price. A one bedroom, one bathroom condo sleeping two people rents for $ 900 per week, which is just $ 130 per night and still much less than a hotel room in the same location.

Holiday Condos Can Be A Much Better Deal than Typical Hotels

If you're thinking of hitting up Panama City this spring break, planning far enough ahead will ensure you can find a great condo at an affordable price. A two bedroom, four bathroom condo unit on the beach in Panama City rents for anywhere between $ 600 to $ 1450 per week depending on the amenities and what time of year you plan to travel. One positive thing about this condo is that it sleeps up to eight people, which would cut your rental rates to $ 75- $ 200 per person per day.

If you are traveling with children or if you are just a child at heart, you may be more interested in finding a vacation condo that is in a central location to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Consider a moderately sized, three bedroom, two bathroom condo in the heart of Kissimmee, just minutes away from Disney World. It sleeps eight people and rents for about $ 700 per week in the busiest season. With these options and thousands more to choose from, it's easy to see that vacation condos in Florida are a much better deal than typical hotels and will provide many more amenities than you expect.