Travel With A Celebrity On Your Sat-Nav

It started years ago with the celebrity voice over for your answer machine, now through a miraculous suggestion you can have your old boring Satellite Navigation voice replaced with a celebrity voice over.

So How Did Sat-Nav Famous Voices Come About?

A simple idea started from an Richard Garner on Facebook spread so fastly over the social networking site that it attracted over 20,000 members and Tom Tom’s attention. His idea was simple, he wanted a voice over from Brian Blessed for his Navigational unit – and now you can have a whole host of celebrities on your car guiding you along your journey from Garmin and TomTom celeb voices.

What Do I Need?

Garmin and Tom Tom voice for Sat-Nav only works with Tom Tom navigational units. You can also find famous voices for your computer, when you need reminding of time and updates, and entertainment systems, allowing you favorite celebrity’s voice to be incorporated into all your technology.

Other useful celeb voices have been added, such as speed camera alerts which warn drivers of upcoming speed cameras (all the different types) and the area speed limit – all very useful for city driving!

There are many famous voice options, from Simon Cowell to Ozzy, to distinctive voices from your favorite shows or films.. But here are just some of the favorites: –

*Sean Connery as James Bond,

*Dizzee Rascal,

*Samuel L. Jackson,

*Michael Caine,

*Scarlett Johansson,

*Chris Moyles,

*Doc from Back to the Future,


*Del boy voice over,

*Anne Robinson,

*Morgan Freeman; and

*Catherine Tate.

With a variety of celebrity voices, from the sexy smoky tone of Scarlett Johansson to the hilarious Catherine Tate, you are bound to be entertained on long journeys.