To Protected Your RV Doors and Drawers For Travel, Imagine Like a Flight Attendant

To stay away from the unpleasant shock of your inside RV doors and drawers flying open up when touring, imagine like an airline flight attendant. For us who have flown on professional airline flights, we have noticed the flight attendant stroll up the aisle right before just take-off pushing on just about every overhead storage doorway making sure each individual is shut and latched. I use this similar system and imagine like a flight attendant when securing the doors and drawers inside of of our motorhome right before travel.

I start by turning on a mild in each individual space of our motorhome, which for us is the bedroom, rest room and kitchen/living space. I start in the furthest corner of the bedroom and push on each individual overhead cupboard doorway and just about every drawer to ensure it is latched. In some cases a cupboard doorway or drawer appears shut but it may not be latched and can fly open up during the motion of travel. I also ensure the closet doors and the doorway to the rest room are protected as I make my way around the area. When all is protected in the bedroom, I switch off the mild as I shift to the rest room and repeat the approach in each individual area until finally I get to the entrance of the motorhome.

If I am interrupted during the approach, I glimpse to see which room’s mild is nonetheless on. If the mild is off, I know I concluded that area. If the mild is on, I know I did not entire securing that area and will start above from the beginning in that area. I generally double examine that I secured our mirrored closet doors and glass shower doorway as a glass doorway banging open up during travel could end result in broken glass.

The contents inside of the cupboards and drawers also have to have to be secured these types of as putting non-slip materials among dishes and packing contents, such as fridge contents, tightly to stay away from motion. When very first starting up out RVing, we advised you have a checklist for securing all places of your RV for travel until finally you get a approach in spot that is effective for you. This “flight attendant” approach only usually takes a couple minutes and has labored properly for us for yrs in making sure all doors and drawers are latched and protected for travel.