The Impossible April Ludgate Quiz

Beginning on Parks and Recreation as a bit part intern character, showrunners soon recognised how essential Aubrey Plaza’s dark, sarcastic and ironic April Ludgate was to the Pawnee mix, bringing an edge to the series and acting as the perfect foil to onscreen husband Andy Dwyer (a pre-Star Lord Chris Pratt).

Far and away one of the best secondary characters on the show, April was at her best bonding with Ron, tearing down Ann and generally rolling her eyes at the many schemes and situations that none of the other characters have the self-awareness to see are ludicrous.

But that’s not to say she was without heart, as April gave viewers arguably the best romance of the show, some of its most tender moments and the desire to see her small, dysfunctional family succeed.

Parks and Rec may be gone for now, but Amy Poehler’s openness about wanting to do a movie, the reunion web episode and the election of Joe Biden are good omens for the future — and we know for sure that Plaza would bring her alter ego April back with relish.

Until then, this is the opportunity to test your devotion to someone other than Li’l Sebastian, and see how many quips, quirks and strange little details you remember about the queen of deadpan, April Ludgate.

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