Surprisingly Romantic Miami

Miami is famous for its nightlife and its wonderfully beautiful beaches but it is also somewhere that you can enjoy some really romantic occasions. You do not have to go any further than Miami to experience your dream romantic vacation or honeymoon because this place has it all.

A truly remarkable and highly romantic activity is the flight you can take just before sunset in an airplane that just hold you, your loved one and of course the pilot. Watch the sun go down over the city and the Everglades, sip champagne as you experience something very special and an occasion that you will remember forever. This wonderful flight lasts a whole hour which is much longer than some and comes at just over $ 400 dollars, but what price is this when you get to experience something so special with someone you love?

For something that little bit special there is always Haulover Beach that's you have the option of being as dressed or as undressed as you like. This can be a truly romantic occasion that can be so special to you both, why not enjoy a swim in the lovely Miami waters and take a walk hand in hand along the beach that attracts up to Seven thousand visitors every single day.

If a bit of history and culture is more your things then Miami is also a great place for you, why not take a trip to the incredible Miccosukee Indian Village and see how these remarkable people lived. One of the amazing things about this experience is that not only do you get to learn how they lived but there is still a Miccosukee tribe living in Miami and you can even get the chance to visit their homes (With their permission of course) and see The crafts that they make, then you can buy them at the store as a memento to this amazing experience.

Not many tourists seem to know about the diverse wildlife that naturally live in this area, for your chance to see the wildlife why do not you can your loved one take a walk across the Oleta Park of Miami and enjoy the six miles of trails available To you, the tracks vary depending on your ability and you can chose from the easier paved pathways to the expert tracks. Whatever tracks you choose make sure you stay safe, wear a hat, take water and enjoy your time with that special someone.

Have a look at the Miami Vacation Packages and see which ones you and your loved one like, once you have made a decision why not book what promises to be a very romantic vacation and get ready to enjoy your time in beautiful romantic Miami.