Ski Accommodation – A Few Aspects to Consider Before Making a Choice

The type of place you stay in will make a huge contribution to how much you enjoy you ski vacation. You should therefore set aside an hour or two beforehand to carefully think about where you are going to spend your holiday and what type of ski accommodation you prefer.

Before you even book the accommodation, you should carefully consider which ski resort to go to in the first place. One thing that’s quite important is this: during any ski holiday there will be days that you can’t ski, mostly because of the weather. The resort that you go to should therefore be developed enough to keep you busy during those days. There should be sufficient alternatives to skiing in other words.

Generally speaking you have two kinds of ski resorts. The one type is near a town or city and there will be many interesting shops to browse during non-skiing days and many restaurants and pubs where you can while away empty hours or make new friends. Often the surrounding area also offers a lot of interesting sightseeing possibilities.

Then you get the type of resort that sometimes offers stunning scenery but is far away from any form of civilization. There will be a few hotels and other types of accommodation and not much else. Unless you go there to ski day and night, this type of place can get boring very quickly. It’s great to go to a place like this for two or three days, but an extended stay might soon have you climbing up the walls out of boredom.

The better developed resorts normally have a huge variety of accommodation establishment. There are usually more than enough five star hotels to satisfy the influx of the well-heeled who want only the best. Often these hotels have their own shopping centers with boutique stores and a couple of world class restaurants. There will normally also be facilities like saunas and gyms to make sure you stay busy during days that you can’t ski.

The bulk of skiers are usually absorbed by the mid-range hotels. These normally provide decent accommodation to fit the pocket of the average man in the street. As a minimum requirement you should sure such a hotel offers private bathrooms, English TV and facilities like hair dryers. A feature that is great to have is a balcony. Especially if you plan to stay for two or three weeks, your hotel room can easily become quite claustrophobic.

The majority of ski resorts offer self-catering establishments in the immediate vicinity. This is the best solution by far for the family man. Not only will it save money on the cost of the accommodation, but you will also be able to prepare your meals in your own little kitchen, thereby saving a fortune on eating out.

As far as ski accommodation is concerned, one should of course never forget the trusted old guest house. This is the most personal of all the options and many friendships have been formed around the breakfast table at one of these establishments. Their prices are more often than not very reasonable and the more upmarket ones provide facilities comparable to the best of hotels.

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