Sandy – Bedfordshire – A Lovely Town

As we write this article, we would like to tell you about a wonderful town that we got the chance to visit a couple of months ago. We must say, we did not want to leave this town when the vacation ended. As of right now, we are planning a trip to go back, because we had a lot of fun. What town are we talking about? We re talking about Sandy, which can be found in the County of Bedfordshire. You see, this town is called Sandy, but there is nothing sandy about the area. Continue reading this article in order to learn some more information on Sandy.

This may be a market town that is small in size, but many individuals throughout the world seem to draw to it. It can be found sitting between Bedford and Cambridge and it is easy to get to. This area has been dominated by a lot of hills that are called Sand Hills. Also, running through the area of ​​Sandy is the River Ivel, which is a must see.

In this town, you will find and area of ​​housing, which has been named Fallowfields. Throughout the past four years, it has nearly doubled in size as many individuals have started to move to this area. About two miles west of this area, you are going to fin the Shuttleworth Collection.

This town can be sitting on the A1, which goes around the western part of the town. On the East Coast Main Line, you will come across a railway station that will take you where you need to go. During May of 2006, an archaeological dig found that the ancestors of this town could date further back in history than 250 BC. Yes, there is definitely a lot of history sitting in this wonderful area.