Rehabilitation and Shoulder Injury Prevention in Golf

The Rotater seeks to duplicate shoulder stretches that would normally be applied by a physical therapist or trainer. From that explanation, golfers can see the reason how the device can be particularly beneficial to them. There's a great deal of shoulder motion in the golf swing and a device that can help recovery from injury, and prevention through increasing range of motion and flexibility, it just the ticket.

The Rotater Advantages

Upon receiving the Rotator for review, it was immediately apparent that it would be a simple tool to use golf fitness tool. As demonstrated by the accompanying image, it is a simple L-shaped device with tension strap. It's size also makes it easy to pack into the car and take to the office, on vacation, or wherever you please.

So many exercises and devices, whether at the gym or at a therapist's office, require assistance to be used effectively and in order to target the specific problem area. This device makes it easy to target the area where the problem is located. To use an illustration, when doing an ab, lower back or other workout, only the person doing the workout knows where they need to pinpoint their exercise. The same goes for shoulder injury and flexibility, only the patient, golfer, athlete knows the exact location of their concern. With a simple manipulation of The Rotater, without assistance, the user can get to that exact point. It stretches both internal and external rotation and can be used on either the right or left shoulder. There's no limit to the number of positions in which it can be used.

Even though The Rotater is made for simplicity, the instructional materials provided along with the device are all that is needed to get each athlete going. The device explanation and sample exercises give each person the capacity to safely stretch the shoulder joint properly and effectively.

Verus a Trainer

It will always be a matter of personal preference as to whether to use a device like The Rotater or visit a therapist or trainer to achieve the goals. Certainly, if there is an injury or ailment involved, the first place to go is to a physician for diagnosis, and always get advice before using such a device. The same, however, goes for choosing and using a trainer. Medical guidance is needed prior to completing any rehabilitation or training program.

During testing of the device, it was simply used to measure improvement in range of motion and flexibility. In both areas, there was marked improvement during a six-week trial period. This reviewer had no problems in targeting the areas of concern. As relates to golf, the shoulder turn during the backswing feels much less constrained than before, which is to be attributed to The Rotater rather than rounds of golf played, since there was only one round played during the period.

The Rotater can be purchased for $ 59.97 from the company's website. Compared to six-weeks of visiting a trainer to increase flexibility and range of motion, saying the cost of purchasing The Rotater is minimal would be an understatement. The ability to pinpoint exercises, without having to convey the information to another person, is what sets The Rotater apart.

As described earlier, always consult a physician before concluding using of any golf fitness or general fitness tool, rehabilitation device or program.

Author's Note: The Rotater was provided at no cost to the reviewer for review purposes. No other compensation exists.