Let Your Medical Scrubs Help You Sport Your Favorite College Logo

How often can you get a professional outfit with your college logo on it and you can wear it to work whenever you want to? If you wear scrubs every day and there is no particular dress code against it, you can wear your official college scrubs, logo and all, to work. Think about that during football or basketball season. How about when your college is in the news for a scientific breakthrough? It would be wonderful to be able to support your alma mater either at work or at play by wearing your schools colors and logos. Show your school spirit whether you are a nurse, doctor, dental hygienists, ER or even a medical student by wearing the latest in cool scrubs. It's possible to get cheap scrubs on line along with the latest in college scrubs. Can you imagine wearing your school colors to your medical classes? It should almost be mandatory.

Of course it's hard to choose between cheap Landau scrubs and Cherokee workwear scrubs when looking for mix and match scrubs to wear to work and play so now you have a new choice to add. You can mix and match the tops and bottoms of your college scrubs with all of the other scrubs out there. Since your college scrubs come in your college colors you can pick the matches easily. Black bottoms match almost any college color or gray will match as easily if your college color does not include some shade of gray.

Would you love a pair of college scrubs to wear around your dorm or even to classes? It would be like staying in your pajamas to class. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to care for. You could even stir things up by getting other college colors and logos and wearing them around the campus. Of course, wear at your own risk. You may decide that these scrubs are so comfortable that you keep wearing them after college even if you're not in the medical field. People wear them everywhere now days. From going down to the corner to pick up some milk or a six pack to wearing them out for the evening, scrubs are seen all over the place. That usually works best in vacation spots. You probably will not see scrubs at nice places on the strip in Vegas but you might find it in most any restaurant in Phoenix. Not that Phoenix does not have nice places; It's just a really relaxed atmosphere year round. You especially might see the red devil just about anywhere during a good season.