Kuala Lumpur Travel – How to Maximize My Vacation Experience in Shorter Time

Every country in the world had own unique signature, its their trademark that you should not missed when visiting that particular country especially in Kuala Lumpur. After spending a thousand of your hard earn money and clearing all your annual leave its very embarrassing if your colleague or friend asking the places or things that you missed to visit or to try. Well you not alone, it’s happen to most of the traveler who visited Kuala Lumpur.

Due of budget constrain and responsibility to family and work not many of us had an opportunity to travel. Definitely we want our vacation going smooth and worth for every penny we spent, this opportunity only came once a while. To maximize your vacation experience in Kuala Lumpur, its important to plan your journey before you go, otherwise you just waste your money and time. As a good traveler you should blend and well mix with local, learn what their favorite breakfast, what they had for lunch, their languages and culture.

You should list down all the places that you want to go and plan how to get there, either by Taxi, Buses, walking or hiring private tour guide. Same goes to things that you want to try, list down all things you want to try than plan how to do it. Its can happen spontaneous during your tour or you need to go to specific location to try it. Always put an extra budgeting for unexpected event when plan you tour. Time frames also one of the factors to consider. Its doesn’t means the longer you stay at the particular places the more exposes you get, it’s depend on how your adapted to a new environment. For instance, instead spending 5 to 6 days in one place, with well planned tour you can complete the tour in 3 – 4 days. You save in accommodation and meal expenses and an opportunity to visit other places. Indeed this will maximize your vacation experience.

Join a forum is one of the ways to get help from other’s traveler but things will get confused when too many opinion given to you and at end of the day you still need to plan the whole trip. You also can write an email to specific local forum member to get better information. Depend on your budget hiring a good private tour guide is one of the option, this because all itinerary is custom made to suit your time and budget. With current money conversion you just spent somewhere $75 – $85 to get a good private tour guide.

Most of private tour guide in Kuala Lumpur work independence that means you will get right prices for your packages. At the end of the day you proudly can say to your friends and family I went all the places and I try every things in Kuala Lumpur.