Jet Lag Remedies to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

As any frequent flyer will tell you, jet lag is an irritating nuisance to your travel. Who wants to waste their own trip tired and irritable, trying to cope with a new time zone? If you travel often and suffer from jet lag, read this article to pick up a few jet lag remedies that can ease your symptoms.

One way to try to prevent jet lag from even starting to affect you is to gradually adjust your bedtime and waking time each day for three days to your desired time zone. For example, if you were traveling west, you would go to bed one hour later and wake one hour later. The next night, it would move to two hours, and move up to three hours the following night. Conversely, if you were going east, you would go to sleep and wake one hour earlier each night for the three nights instead of later.

There are also supplements and homeopathic remedies for jet lag. Melatonin supplements increase the body's ability to adjust to a disorder in internal sleeping patterns. Homeopathic remedies also exist and are made from naturally occurring substances, no chemicals. A very popular homeopathic drug that many travelers will swear by is No Jet Lag. It is available in many retail and convenience stores.

Interestingly, there is an herb that is said to induce sleep. It is called Valerian. This herb helps with jet lag by helping in sleep at your desired time if you are having trouble falling asleep on your own. Valerian is not as effective as a prescription sleep aid, but as it is natural, you can miss the groggy feeling the next morning. It is also not a habit forming.

If you want to enjoy your next trip across time zones, try one of these jet lag remedies. Do not spend your whole trip with insomnia, irritability, or disorientation. Look into one of these methods of relieving jet lag symptoms and travel more comfortably!