I Know How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Living in the same place, and seeing the same scenery for years at a time can chip away at your soul. I know, I've had years of sitting in the same office cubicle on several occasions. Humans need to get a change of scenery through travel every once in a while, if they hope to thrive.

There are of course travelers of all ages, but it sees two different age groups seem to combine the gypsies of the world. They are of course retired folks, and kids still pursuing an education, but yet to land into the world of meaningfulful employment. And of course travel reporters, who have nothing better to do then travel.

As you may have guessed, neither of these two sets of individuals are flush in cash. Some may be, but generally they're watching the bank account pretty nearly.

Middle aged people are usually too busy to look for cheap airline tickets, and do a bit of traveling. Raising kids, paying bills, and commuting to work seem to occupy much of their time. While, it may not seem entirely fair, it does seem to be the way it is.

I know if I was traveling more, I'd be looking for dirt cheap airline tickets. I can think of better ways to spend my money on than burning jet fuel. Discount and no frills airlines, usually just means I get to eat at nicer bistros, and check in at some fancier hotel lobbies. Some people may need first class seating, but not me.

I've done enough travel in my day, to know how to find some discount travel deals. Dirt cheap tickets are not that hard to come by, if you know how, and where to look. Let's have a look at a few tricks for getting the best prices on airline flights.

Be a little footloose and fancy free, when picking dates for your travel. You'll have more fun planning the trip, and save yourself some money as well. Being open minded about when you travel usually means more money in your pocket for the finer things on vacation.

If your ever at the departure gate, and the attendants ask for volunteers to give up their seats, go for it. It usually means a free ticket for you on a later flight.

I have a habit of waiting for the last minute to get anything done. If you do when booking flights, your going to spend more money. So, if your looking to save a few bucks, then book early and keep your money for better stuff.

I know it's hard, but flying on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will save you some money. They're simply not as many people flying during those periods, and you can benefit by getting better prices. As an extra benefit, the lines at the airports will be shorter as well.