How to Fly You and Your Fencing Bag Safely and securely to a Levels of competition

Are you a fencer who will be traveling? If so, then you really should think about some strategies to make your excursion as sleek as achievable. We learned in kindergarten that airplanes, buses and cars and trucks are various modes of transportation. Even so, as older people we have to have to think about some of the logistical differences, before packing our fencing equipment before traveling. If you are traveling to an additional location, an additional state, or an additional continent, here are some steps to help make the encounter as sleek as your fencing moves:

one. Invest in the correct fencing bag

Obtaining the correct fencing bag for you may be more tough than it may seem to be at to start with. You have several selections to think about, such as:

· color
· durability
· features
· size
· style

To help slim down your choices, make absolutely sure to think about your certain requires. As a typical rule, you really should choose a massive fencing bag with wheels, if you are traveling to a fencing level of competition. Such a bag will be in a position to store your sword(s), protecting equipment, and anything at all else you have to have for your journey. 1 simple make any difference to think about is that hauling all of that equipment will be really major! As a result, picking a fencing bag with wheels will make it less complicated to transport the bag.

2. Consider packing your equipment in a tricky travel situation

1 of the hassles of traveling is needing to fork out airline baggage costs. Airlines can charge you if your baggage exceeds the maximum excess weight permitted. Even so, if you are solely traveling to a fencing level of competition, then you probably will not have significantly baggage, apart from your fencing products and plenty of dresses for a 7 days or two.

Even so, the challenge is that airlines have a tendency to charge excess baggage costs, for baggage that exceeds sure dimensions. The dimension applies to the luggage’s duration, width, or peak. Considering the duration of fencing swords, it is highly possible that their lengths will exceed an airline’s maximum baggage duration.  

The very good information is that airlines enable an exception on baggage dimensions, for tricky golf travel circumstances. Regretably, soft fencing circumstances are not (nevertheless) included in this exclusion. As a result, if you do a honest quantity of touring with your fencing equipment, then you really should think about acquiring a tricky golf travel situation. This will enable you to avoid excess baggage costs. Even so, retain in intellect that if you even now exceed the airline’s maximum baggage excess weight, you will even now have to fork out some kind of price.

three. Verify that your fencing equipment is fully safe in your baggage

This is significant, to prevent your fencing equipment from starting to be destroyed even though traveling to your competition’s destination. Double-check out every little thing before the airport procedures your baggage, to ensure that all of your products is protected in its baggage. Fencing equipment is somewhat expensive to change!

When traveling to a fencing level of competition, make absolutely sure to adhere to these aforementioned strategies. It will help to ensure that you and your fencing equipment get to your destination protected and audio. Then you can aim on your principal aim-winning the level of competition!