How To Find Daily Deals for Travel

Finding the best daily deals when it comes to airfare is tricky. Gone are the days of pinning airplane wings on your shirt. And it's no longer as easy as calling your travel agency and booking a flight. You have to do a lot more work yourself. These days when there is one deal a day, you have to jump on it. Here's how:

1. Sign Up: There are many travel sites that alert you of low cost airfare. The problem is choosing which ones you want to follow., and are just a few of the online travel agencies (OTA's) out there. tracks one specific flight.

2. When to Buy: It's always cheaper to buy and fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and sometimes Saturday, and these days booking months in advance is not always the best option. It's best to get emails directly from your choice airlines so that you can have the deal of the day notified to you personally. Airlines are trying to cut out the middleman and that involves taking business away from site aggregators by offering discounts or sometimes a half-priced giveaway of the day on their own site.

3. Flexibility Counts: If you want to travel and it does not matter when, choose the flexible dates on the side of your OTA. Keep in mind American Airlines, Allegiant Air and Southwest do not appear on these sites.

4. Visit Your Favorite Airline's Site: If you have a preferred airline, it's worth it to check their prices. They often will not release their cheapest flights to OTA's and recently Spanish airline Iberia had $ 420 tickets to London from the West Coast that were twice as expensive elsewhere.

5. An Air-Miles Heuristic: If your ticket is more than $ 400, you can feel good about spending 25,000 miles. Any less and you might as well save them for a grander trip.

6. Bricks and Mortar Agents: If you want to do city to city to city traveling, it might be best to call a travel agent. They usually charge for their services, but they may know that it's cheaper to fly from Philadelphia instead of New York to Toulouse, France, and then connect to Barcelona. That can wind up saving you a bundle.

7. Keep Your Eyes Pailed: Daily deals can show at any moment so it's important to be aware. Depending on the hour you search tickets can be much more expensive. Try again tomorrow and you may be surprised.

Be resolved when it comes to your travel plans and you will prevail. A few more e-mails in the inbox will not kill you and who knows, they may save you a lot of money.