How Long Does It Take To Make A Bounce House?

Bounce houses are inflatable structures and similar things which are mostly rented for different functions, church, and school carnivals, village, and community parties and used primarily for outdoor recreational purposes, especially for kids. Bounce houses have also gained popularity in the market recently and are now being used by kids of all ages for different games and fun activities. In recent years, bounce houses have become an integral part of many backyard activities and parties, especially during school field days. The following discussion will discuss some of the bounce house selection for birthday parties and events, focusing on factors that should be considered when choosing bounce houses for kids.

The Water Slide

The water slide has become one of the most popular choices of bounce houses and it is also quite popular among adults. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a bounce house that include the quality of the bounce houses and their size. Smaller bounce houses, like the smaller inflatable bounce houses can fit easily into small corners or gaps where there may be no clear sight of an outdoor water slide. They can also be used effectively in larger areas where there are several water slides.

The other important factor is the safety of the bounce house. One needs to choose one that has a safety harness so that there would be no possible cause of injury to the kids. It is advisable to buy one with more safety features to prevent any probable injuries. If there are no safety harness available in the bounce house, one needs to purchase one that has one since using a one without a safety harness may pose a potential cause of strangulation or injury to the kid.

The basics of the different moves and obstacle jumps

The bounce house obstacle courses are another good option that provides an opportunity to teach kids the basics of the different moves and obstacle jumps. These obstacle courses can be made either using regular basketball courts or mini-slides. When it comes to making the regular basketball court, one needs to set up the hoops, the net and the goal line in order to make it possible for the kids to have their own individual challenge. On the other hand, when it comes to the use of mini-slides, one can easily create a path with these because one does not need to set up hoops, nets, and the goal post. For additional fun, one can place obstacles on these slides such as hanging cords, boards, and vines, so that the kids will be able to work their way around.

The other important consideration that one needs to look into when buying a bounce house is its weight limit. Remember that the bounce house is just a temporary attraction and it may not last for a long time due to various reasons including kids playing with it in excess. So when choosing a bounce house, always check on the weight limit of the particular unit. This is because too much weight on the unit can cause it to fall over and can potentially cause injuries to kids who are playing in it.

Another consideration that one needs to know when buying bounce houses is about the cost. There are bounce houses that can be bought at really affordable prices, but then there are those that are very expensive, especially those that can be found in theme parks or in some private homes. In terms of the cost, this all depends on the bounce house manufacturer. Some manufacturers give discounts to parents who can buy these units in bulk, but this may not be the case with all of them. Therefore, it all depends on the price. Once a kid has enjoyed his fun with the water slide and is tired, it is important that he will want to return to it again.