Honeymoon in Italy – A Romantic Day of Travel

Rome and on to Naples (Napoli) and Sant’Agnello.

In the morning, straight after breakfast, went off to find the Trevi Fountain to capture our romantic honeymoon photos as we threw our coin into the waters. We had been told that, according to tradition, a coin thrown into the Trevi Fountain waters guarantees a visitor’s return to Rome. Our early morning visit had beaten the crowds, so we were free to enjoy a leisurely hour or so admiring the fountain. An ideal end to our time in Rome.

We then made a quick return to the hotel in time to meet our private car transfer to take us to the railway station, to embark on the next part of our honeymoon.

After eventually working out the ticket verification process at the railway station (you have to verify your ticket in a machine close to the platform before proceeding to the platform and onto the train), we boarded the train bound for Naples. The train journey itself took us through some spectacular Italian scenery and into Naples railway station, where we were met by taxi driver come historian, ‘Gianfranco’. Gianfranco gave us through Naples history, whilst negotiating our way out of the city. How we got out of Naples in one piece is nothing short of remarkable! We found ourselves on a single carriageway with four lanes of traffic all vying for the same piece of tarmac. Gianfranco seemed unperturbed by this though, so we sat back and enjoyed our historical ‘tour’.

Once out of the busy city, our friendly driver gave us a guided tour past Herculaneum, Pompeii, Vesuvius and around the coastal road towards Sorrento, with the Bay of Naples stretching out before us.

We arrived safely at the small and perfectly formed Hotel Villa Garden, situated on the cliff top at Sant’Agnello. Our hotel was ideally placed for a romantic holiday, with breathtaking views across the bay and in the distance the impressive Vesuvius volcano.

After a welcome from the hotel staff, we relaxed on our terrace sipping complimentary newly-wed bubbly, in the knowledge that we still had over ten days to indulge in our wonderful honeymoon.

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