Honeymoon Cruises and Romantic Vacations

Searched for the perfect person for a long time?


Found “the one”?


Had a wonderful wedding?


Honeymoon? Where?

Yes! On a cruise!

Picture you and your significant other standing on the deck of a ship or in the balcony of your cabin. Romance is in the air. The ship is gently carried by the waves and you can smell the salty air as tender winds caress your faces. The sounds of the sea serenade you. At the port the next day, you are welcomed by the sugar-sand beaches. Or maybe the two of you choose to embark on a new adventure on the streets of an old cobblestone village.

You can easily plan a wonderful romantic getaway for you and yours. There are just a few things you need to consider when getting ready for your cruise: the destination, cruise line, itinerary, service & accommodations, and your ship. 


Choose your destination wisely since it will define the nature of your trip and your memories. Here are some of the top honeymoon destinations:

Hawaii: Exotic islands with a lot of beautiful beaches, scenery, rainforests and sightseeing opportunities.

Caribbean: Cheap, accessible, affordable, and beautiful. Good opportunities for shopping and festivities.

Alaska: Uncommon for honeymooners, but ideal for couples seeking adventures and breathtaking nature.

Fiji Islands: Charming, exotic, diverse and secluded… If you are looking for a luxury-adventure cruise, Tui Tai Expeditions (link here) might be a good option.

Tahiti -Bora Bora – Cook Islands – Moorea: Other South Pacific destinations. Isolated beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Mediterranean & Europe: A great way to have your own Odyssey. You will enjoy the beauty that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, where many civilizations were created and many love stories were born. Greek isles, Turkish coasts, Spanish & French beaches, and North African shores will give you your life’s experience. Depending on your destination ports, you will have a good selection of city excursion options where you can have a taste of city life (and charming villages), ancient and middle-age architecture, Mediterranean cuisine and exciting nightlife! 


After you are set on your destination, you can look into the lines that offer the itinerary you desire. Though you can arrange your cruise manually, keep also in mind that many of the cruise lines offer romance & honeymoon packages at an additional cost. Internet has many resources which provide good collections of what each cruise line has to offer geared towards a honeymoon vacation. You may want to check out “All About the Honeymoon” and “Honeymoon Cruises Shopper” as well as different packages at “Vacations to Go

Make sure you choose the right ship. Who wouldn’t want a ship that offers a comfy cabin, a private balcony, special dining, and open decks for their honeymoon? You can find a good review of the ships for different cruise lines from Cruise Critic for honeymoon purposes.


– Consider the demographics of your cruise, too. If a bunch of children running around the ship does not sound very romantic to you, make sure that they are in short supply on your trip. You can always ask your booking agent about these details.

– Select a ship and a cruise line that accommodate your expectations (amenities and activities) from a honeymoon.

– An average honeymoon trip lasts one week, but depending on your purpose and external factors (budget, off-time from work, etc.) the duration can vary from a few days to a month. So plan accordingly how you want to make the most of this time.

– You can also check out the more specialized and private lines like the Seadream Yacht Club.

Last but not least, keep in mind that cruises are a great option not only for honeymoons but also for anniversaries and romantic getaways. Enjoy!