Green Vacations For Your Family

Green vacations for your family can sound like you are going camping in the middle of nowhere and may have to fight off bears as you hunt for fruits and berries to survive on. Well, there are green vacations like that, but that's not what I am talking about in this article.

I am going to show you ways that you can find and plan green vacations for your family that let you vacation in comfort and have a great, relaxing green vacation.

Start by looking for vacation spots that are out of the way, but still offer what your family is looking for. You will be supporting a local economy instead of visiting a place that is overrun by tourists. You will also find not only getting around easier, but have more opportunities to meet the local population and try regional foods and enjoy regional customs.

While you are vacationing, whatever your accommodations are, unplug the appliances in the rooms. Even if you are not using them, many appliances continue to draw energy even when they are turned off. Now, some of you may be thinking, "Why should I worry about that if I am not paying the electric bill?" Um, thought we were talking about GREEN vacations ?!

You may delude yourself into thinking that just because you are not getting power bill you are not paying for the power; We all are. We are not only paying with higher power bills, but are paying with the fact that there will be higher amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere. So, are you going to turn off the appliances now?

When you check into a hotel or a resort that offers housekeeping; Tell them when you check in that you do not need daily housekeeping care. Every time housekeeping comes to your room, they are changing the sheets, putting out clean towels, and washing the bathroom. Unless you are a true pig, you do not need all that done every day; Maybe not even after a few days. Many hotels even offer you a courtesy card that you can place on your doorknob to let housekeeping know your wishes.

I know it's tempting to take all the free samples from your room, after all, who does not like 'free'? Problem is that packaging for those cute little bottles is extremely wasteful and the plastic they come in is not biodegradable.

Every hotel, motel, and rest stop offers lots of brochures to help you find exactly what you are looking for. It's OK to take some, but try to return them when you are finished using them so the next visitor can use them.

Make sure that if your home will be vacant while you are gone, turn the thermostat down in winter and up in the summer to save energy.

Finally, go on line, or talk to a travel agent to find out where you can go for green vacations for your family.

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