France – Know Why it is the Most Visited Country in the World

France has all that you want to see on your vacation: Great beaches, gorgeous scenery, amazing mountain landscapes, a very wonderful city like Paris, etc. This country has good food and wine, and the French simply enjoy their lives. Paris, the city of light and the fashion capital of the world, is one of the most visited places.

Paris is certainly one of the loveliest cities in the world. You would certainly be happy to have a picture in this city carrying the French Flag.

The West of France faces in the direction of the Atlantic Coast. In the Northern region, Normandy and Brittany have rolling hills, sandy beaches and peaceful small harbor towns. This area of ​​France has rockier coast and a lot of Neolithic sites. It has a very unique atmosphere from the rest of the nation. You could even feel the Celtic origin of the area in its residents.

The eastern region enterprises Alsace, Burgundy, Franche Comté and Lorraine territories. The environment has rolling hills and a lot of wonderful cities like Nancy, Dijon, Strasbourg and Metz. This area creates a lot of well-known wines that include superb pinot noirs and chardonnays treasured the world over and the well-known "Yellow wine" originated in the Jura mountain winery.

Central France is in a lot of ways the most peaceful area in the country. However, the notable treasure of this part is the Loire valley, with a lot of great chateaux and lovely towns. Because of the popular cathedral and tours of Chartres, it ranks among the most attractive cities of France.

The southern portion pulls many visitors every year because of its attractive scenery, Roman relics, good food and the French Riviera. No one should miss out visiting towns such as Orange and Arles as well as large cities such as Marseille and Toulon.