Fishing Vacations in Ireland

Ireland offers a great selection of salmon fishing opportunities among a landscape that will make your trip all the more special. The best fishing spots here are set within the scenic Irish countryside, where lush greens and verdant mountainsides provide a more restful setting for your trip than many other destinations that are described as the ideal place for a fishing holiday. Ireland offer something more: it offers the sort of location which you can enjoy even when you're not by the water, which is perfect if you wan to take some time to explore between fishing sessions, or if you're bringing along a companion who's not so interested in fishing.

One prime location in Ireland is Delphi, and the excellent salmon fishing in this charming destination means that the local businesses are primed and ready for visiting fishers. There are many package trips offered, often specifically targeted at fishing enthusiasts. There are many fruitful fishing spots along the river and in the nearby lakes, while the surrounding county provides plenty of opportunity for the rest of the family to entertain themselves.

At the end of a long and successful day of fishing you will be ready for a hot meal and a soft bed, and there are some wonderful accommodation options in Delphi. There is a cozy lodge, with impressive views and a peaceful atmosphere. The food here is highly recommended, and there is also an excellent selection of wine to go with your meal. Alternatively, there are some lovely cottages within the country estate that can be rented. These offer the perfect chance to relax in privacy and comfort in the peaceful rural idyll. They are particularly suited to those who are traveling independently, and are perfect for families. You can choose from five different cottages, according to your needs.

When planning your trip you should avoid the late autumn and winter months from November to January. Salmon are plentiful for the rest of the year, which means you can avoid the busy summer months if you can get your vacation time earlier in the year. Some of the most popular sites for salmon fishing are Finlough Lake, Doolough Lake, and the Loughs known as Glencullin and Townyard. The water here is incredibly clean and pure, and the salmon thrive in it.

It is worthwhile to spend at least a week in Delphi in order to get a chance to try out a number of different places. If you can only get away for a weekend or a short break then you will likely find yourself wanting to return in order to visit the spots you missed out on the first time. Even if you are here long enough to fish at all the best lakes and the most highly recommended sites along the river, you are likely to leave with a hope of coming back again soon.