Find Your Right Accommodation in the Mesmerizing City of Dayton

The city of Dayton, Ohio is very well recognized as the city has a great history of inventions and innovative ideas and a range of patents. This city serves as the county seat of Montgomery County, Ohio. It is situated on the southwestern part of the state and rank as the fourth largest city of Ohio with a population of 848,153 according to 2000 census.

It is considered that the Mound-Builders were the first settlers around the area which was further occupied by the Miami people and the Shawnees. In 1805, a group of American people settled in the area and named the area after Jonathan Dayton.This place is also known as the birth place of Wilbur and Orville Wright who invented the first machine which could fly in air. This marvelous city is also known for its renowned prolific writer who was the creator of several classic novels, plays, brief stories and about 400 outstanding poems.

The entire city of Dayton is full packed with range of attractions such as state parks, eye catching amusement parks, magnificent waterfalls and everyone will find something to amuse in this amazing city. The most famous amusement park of the city is Paramount’s Kings Island and Theme Park which is very popular among the locals and the tourists from all over the world as well. This must visit amusement park has covered around 364 acres of land with seven theme areas.It features 40 rides to chill your senses with a massive resort based on Australian theme with an amphitheater having the capacity of about 10,000 people. If any one wants to explore the entire park in a single day is a bit difficult as one may miss many things while doing so. The park has arranged a two day trip so that one could enjoy complete park that is packed with thrilling rides and favorites such as Extreme Flyer ride, Top Gun, Vortex along with the best water park called Boomerang Bay and the Indoor water park named as the Wolf Lodge. It offers a lot of things to do and forcing the kids not to leave the park.

Along with Paramount’s Kings Island, it is worth to visit Dayton Art Institute also known as the Dayton Museum of Fine Arts which is meant to provide vital and relevant knowledge by exhibiting & collecting artifacts and also by preserving the art from the renowned artists. This excellent art museum houses in the historic building that exhibits some of the most outstanding exhibitions.

It is not difficult to find ideal and convenient accommodation options in Dayton Ohio. The city is flooded with hotels and various accommodation options such as the bed and breakfast, luxury, mid budget and budget hotels according to the choice and preference and definitely according to your budget.

Most of the hotels of the city offer more or less same kind of accommodation to their guests. The Inn Port Guesthouse is known for its convenient and comfortable stay as the rooms of the hotel are tastefully decorated based on tropical theme. The rooms of the hotel are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities such as TV, CD DVD player, coffee tea maker and many more.

One can also find some of the most affordable budget and mid budget hotels in the city. Most of the travelers with no issues with budget are also attracted towards them as these hotels are very well maintained and offer great service.

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