Fall Foliage In Maine – See The Colors Change Right Before Your Eyes

Travelers from all over the country visit New England in autumn for their spectacular colors during the fall foliage season but the Upper Moose River Region in Maine rivals anywhere in New England for its rich and vibrant colors. One reason is that a majority of the land in Maine is forested land and in the Jackman-Moose River Region, over 90% is forest. The bright red mapples, golden birches, and yellow aspens and ash trees which all contrast with the deep green softwoods along with the backdrop of the crystal clear blue skies presents nature's most colorful palette.

To visit the Jackman-Moose River Region, you can begin your foliage tour along the Kennebec-Chaudiere International Scenic Corridor which is a designated international scenic byway. It links the site of the earliest English settlement with one of the earliest French Outposts in Quebec. Along this route (US route 201), you can enjoy many historical attractions as well as some great opportunities for outdoor recreation while soaking up the incredible fall foliage in autumn.

As you follow this corridor, just North of Skowhegan, you will begin what is called Old Canada Road Scenic Byway. This is where the magical change in seasons begins.

As you travel north along US Route 201 from Skowhegan, you will pass through small towns and villages which are a part of history in itself. Then as you continue north the road winds along the Kennebec River, Wyman Lake, and the Dead River all lined with maps and birch trees and Pine. The further north you go, the more vibrant the colors will become as you will actually see the seasons change right before your eyes! This is the part of the journey that you have been waiting for.

There are numerous turnouts along route 201 that allow ample opportunities for the photographer to capture the splendor of fall foliage. Take the time to stop at the different rest areas and learn the history of the region. A favorite spot for most travelers is the Attean Overlook, which is 3 miles south of the town of Jackman. From this overlook you can see spectacular views of Attean Pond and the Upper Moose River Valley as it flows through the Boundary Mountains. It is an expansive and breathtaking snapshot of the remote and rugged beauty of this area.

The fall season brings this region a rainbow of colors unsurpassed in the Northeast and a true feast for the eyes and the camera. Days filled with crisp clean air and frosty nights reawaken the senses. Come visit us in late September to early October (peak foliage is much earlier in this region) and experience our fabulous colors. Jackman makes a great base for your fall foliage vacation tour since it resides in the heart of the Maine fall foliage country. Visit the Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce ( for more information.