Executive Protection – A Money Making Career

Being a contract executive protection (EP) agent and working for yourself on contracts is tougher than it looks. Most people only see the end product of protective coverage being provided to the principle. They do not see the hours of advance work, the sometimes stressful situations and the demanding schedules that EP agents go through. They do not know about the months of living out of a suitcase, being on the road all the time and eating dull hotel food on a regular basis.

This is the business and you can not escape the downsides. But its still better than earning minimum wage stateside. If you're serious about becoming a contract EP agent working for yourself you'll need the right attitude, training and opportunity. Training should be your foundation of success. Read good books written by professionals in the industry. get certified and attend elite training academies.

In a world of increasing risk and uncertainty professional education counts. It is important for you to learn about threat management, EP tactics and advance work. Educate yourself to grow wiser and get high-paying clients. You must have a burning passion and desire to succeed in this industry. There is no magical way to grow and earn money in the business.

When starting out keep flexible and keep an open mind, solve security related problems and prevent threats. Be willing to pay your dues and be ready to perform physical labor in the form of advance work, conducting field surveys, running the routes, scouting airports, hospitals, hotels and venues that will be visited by your principle. Be prepared to conduct wall-way duty, guarding the outside of the principals hotel room suite, also known as "halls and walls" duty.

Being a contract EP agent is a pretty good way to earn a living and an honest way to make a buck. After you have built a strong foundation in the business by paying your dues and you have earned the respect and gratitude of your clients, its time to increase your services and income. Start concentrating your efforts on high-end clients and international protective assignments. When you work for yourself, you set the geographical locations where you want to work. You also reap the benefits.

Pick high and moderate risk locations where prospect clients travel to on a regular basis. Keep your expenses low while diligently building the financial resources for the initial up-front costs and funding of international assignments. Take calculated risks and have the courage to expand your EP business and generate some serious income for yourself. It is not the purpose of this article to go into the specifics of starting your business. The purpose of this article is to get you motivated to obtain technical knowledge, build your self-confidence and do something that others might not have the courage to do. Be committed to succeed. I know you will. Good luck and God speed.

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