Driving the Future

As we think about learning to drive where ever you are isn’t it time to think about how your driving will change over the years. With all this talk about self-driving cars and now there is news that one company is thinking of designing a car that can fly too, where are we going.

I have sat down and thought what were people thinking about when the main form of driving was riding a horse or riding in a carriage which was drawn by a horse. If they were to travel forward in time what would be their thoughts on our driving.

Would they be thinking that we are all crazy driving around the country at what they would call fast speeds? They probably think that we would be crazy doing all this stuff. So what are your own thoughts on a car driving its self around with you sat in the driving seat with you reading or watching something?

The cars that are being tested for driving on their own are being slowly introduced onto the roads around the world. So let’s put you in a situation, You are being driven down the Motorway in your self-driving car and you see problems ahead do you jump in before the car reacts to the situation or do you see what the car is going to do as you have been told it is totally safe to let the car drive for you.

In the world, we have slowly become more technical but also a lot lazier and for me, a lot fatter as I do less walking and more sitting. So why do we need to have the car drive for us, we have to learn to dive even if the car is going to drive for us, we still may need to take over. So why not leave the self-driving car and let us do something as we travel around.

I am totally happy for changes but maybe we should take a step back and look at what we are doing to ourselves making even lazier than we are at the moment. I am guessing next the scientist is going to start looking at ways to grow wheels out of our feet so we do less walking as well.

Within today’s world let’s just start being happy with how we are now and enjoy what we have and make use of what we have got. I agree with the hybrid cars but definitely, don’t agree with self-driving cars.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this

Safe driving