Dog Travel: 5 Tips for a Great Road Trip!

So you've decided to take a trip and this includes your four-legged friend. Now what? There are many things to consider before leaving and planning ahead can make all the difference between a very fun and memorable vacation or a disastrous one! The following are some tips that will help the both of you travel in comfort and ease your mind about your dog's safety.

  • Riding Shotgun – Safety First! This is really simple. The safest way for your dog to travel in your vehicle is either by crate or a dog safety harness. This will ensure you're not distracted while driving and not allow your dog to sneak out of an open door while at a rest area and go chase those squirrels! By riding in a crate or dog safety harness you can also rest assured your dog will be less likely to be injured if in an accident by not being thrown through the windshield.
  • Leash and Tags – Necessary Accessories. Keep your dogs leash or lead close at hand so when you do make a pit stop you can quickly jump out and allow your dog to stretch his legs and relieve himself (remember to clean up after your dog) or if in an emergency there's no panic to find his leash in a hurry! And obviously you want to make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag just in case he does get away from you – it's a good idea to provide your cellular number rather than your home number so you can be contacted while on vacation if he It is lost.
  • Emergency Numbers – Local Veterinary Hospitals. Do your research ahead of time & locate animal clinics and veterinarian hospitals not only at your destination but along the route to your destination just in case something unexpected happens. With this in mind, it's a good idea to also bring along your dog's medical records.
  • Water Break – Do not forget the Bowl! Not only should you stop frequently to give everyone a break (four-legged and two) but do not forget to pack a bowl and give your dog a drink during these stops. You and I can keep ourselves hydrated while riding in a vehicle but our dogs can not … so just imagine how thirsty he might get if you do not make frequent stops.
  • Enjoy Your Stay – Hotels for Dogs. If you do not make reservations ahead of time, make sure you do your research on which hotels are dog friendly in the area you will be vacationing at! Some hotels have size and breed restrictions so it really is important to plan ahead on this one! Remember that a lot of dog friendly hotels offer amenities just for your dog! So ask and take advantage of these. These amenities can range from: special dog beds to dog spa services including grooming and doggie daycare.

Being prepared for any situation by planning ahead can make your vacation a memorable one! Unfortunately emergencies can happen but advanced planning can eliminate the added stress. So think about these tips while planning your next road trip & enjoy. 'Bone' Voyage!