Cruising Might Not Be For You

For Americans, Caribbean cruises have quickly become one of the most popular of all cruise vacations. And why not? The options can suit just about anyone; you have the luxury of being in the tropics with a traveling concierge; no worries about luggage or accommodation changes. It is all about you: dine and dance in the evening, and explore during the day; it is all your choice. How long the sail lasts is only limited by your budget and what options you want; there can often be options of day excursions and upgrades that will affect your menu of choices.

Competition for consumer dollars is fierce, and a savvy traveler who enjoys cruising really can not go wrong. Travel packages are as diverse as your interests, and the ships are full of activities (and food!) You will be enjoying yourself more than you ever thought. My mother made many friends on her last cruise and is still in communication with several of them by email.

If you have the time to shop online and compare, feel free. But as a traveler I need to advise that this is not the same as reserving a flight or hotel; it would be worth your while to turn this over to a professional. You are needing to coordinate a flight, possibly a hotel near the port, luggage handling, passports, choices of excursions, and more; a travel agent could make your Caribbean vacation relatively seamless verses a disjointed and segmented trip with constant problems cropping up when you wanted to only relax in the tropical sun.

If you prefer a cruise vacation for adults , they are available, and the usual adult fun includes dancing, live music, entertainment, casinos and shows (do not forget theme-style cruises like jazz, singles, etc.), and are filled with enough daytime events to accommodate anyone. Often you can get the name of a great travel agent for the best Caribbean cruise deal from a friend; you can go to an official website, and another great option is to go to travel forums; people there have nothing to lose and are generous in sharing tips.

Remember that a vacation on board a ship allows you more opportunity to dress up. I used to stress a little over wondering about dinner "seatings", an invitation to the captain's table, and dress codes; these days you can even request cruises that do not include these rules, although a lot of people enjoy them.

Another option is to explore the types of ships. Some people prefer more intimate cruises with a smaller passenger list: this often means the ability to stop at ports of call unavailable to the huge "islands at sea" that a lot of people prefer for their all-inclusive ', over-the-top list of services.

On the other hand there are many family-friendly cruise vacations that will fill any child's day to the point of freeing up parents to explore their own activities. They are often in the southern California area, but Caribbean cruises are also available.

The point is, if you would like to see many places, have a lot of social interaction, food, activities of your choice, and great service … try a cruise already. In other words, cruising might not be for you if you do not like to have a great time!