Cosmetic Surgery – Why Women Are Looking Abroad For a Beautiful Body

In a world where every woman feels under duress to look their best, many ladies are choosing cosmetic surgery to assist them in looking more youthful and healthier. Combating the march of the years is the thinking behind choosing to undergo surgery, and even young women are seeking cosmetic help to assist them in looking better.

The pressure comes partly from seeing attractive celebrities and women on TV each day. Just walking about in public or driving your car means that you’ll more than likely see a billboard with someone beautiful on it. Flip through the pages of a magazine to find loads of immaculate looking, slim women. Enter any beauticians or make-up shop to be hit with yet more pictures of perfectly sculpted bodies.

The majority of people can ignore these images of beauty in the press, since most people know full well that they can’t all resemble Scarlet Johansen. That said, with the plethora of new and cost-effective methods to get a new look, more people are choosing surgery to improve their looks. Indeed, more than 20 million US citizens chose some variety of cosmetic surgery in 2006.

Cheaper flights abroad have helped drive this increase in people traveling to get cheaper cosmetic surgery. This increase in medical tourism is seeing people head overseas to get great deals in countries like Thailand and Brazil. Many people choose to head abroad accompanied by a friend or family member at a cost which would not even cover the operation itself in their country of residence.

Non-invasive Cosmetic Surgery

The most popular procedure is facial reconstructive procedures, such as Botox. Ladies can travel, have Botox treatment to help wrinkles vanish, have chemical surgery to remove skin damaged by the sun or undergo microdermabrasion to increase the health of the skin. These kinds of procedures are favorites because they are non-intrusive and highly affordable to many.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic treatments which need actual surgery are also increasing in popularity, and breast enhancement operations are among the most common operations. A woman can have a quick procedure and be back in their home country in short order. Women can also undergo other treatments to help them have firm bodies without the need to put themselves through hell in the gym. Liposuction remains a fashionable treatment for slimming, and the majority of women report satisfaction with treatments carried out overseas.

The perfect body is the goal for some females, while a face that they are happy with is the target for others. Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular as a means of helping people achieve body perfection. Women can now vanish abroad for a couple of weeks and come back home slimmer and prettier.

Many women also have cosmetic procedures to amend congenital imperfections or to repair their bodies following accidents.

Top 10 motivations for cosmetic procedures:

  • Getting bigger breasts
  • Remove fat from stomach, thighs, hips or posterior
  • Remove excess skin from stomach after losing weight
  • To level wrinkles on the face
  • To get rid of unwanted hair
  • To remove a bump off the nose
  • To straighten bent noses
  • To get rid of eye bags
  • To enhance sun-damaged skin
  • To boost lips

What to think about before going ahead

It’s worth considering a few things before you go ahead with cosmetic surgery. First, is it safe? Any surgery carries a level of risk so do some research before deciding.

Where is the best place to have a treatment done? It will most likely be a private hospital in a foreign country. It’s well worth investigating the clinic and the surgeon who will probably carry out the procedure in advance.

Also think about what other methods you could choose other than cosmetic surgery before taking the plunge. You don’t want to make an uninformed leap only to find that you regret it afterward.