Coastal Vacations Review

Coastal Vacations offers a home based business opportunity that allows you to sell or market the many different vacation destinations that the company offers. They have a sexy web site and some nice discounts to offer the avid traveler. The pay plan is a standard 2-up compensation plan. I have some major challenges with this structure.

Here's how it works. To become a representative of Coastal Vacations you buy the package for $ 1295. For every $ 1295 sale there is a $ 1000 commission attached to that. Now that sounds like a great deal. This is the problem, after your initial payment to buy the package you must "give up" your next TWO sales to the person who introduced you to the program. They call this "training sales". To recap this, you join for $ 1295 then you give up $ 2000 ($ 1000 x 2) for a total out of $ 3295. At that time you now "break away" from your sponsor and they no longer receive any benefit from you. Why is this bad? Simply put, now you are in competition with the person who bought you into the program. If you are new to this business you are now out on your own to learn the hard way how this works. Let us say you know what you are doing and have no problem selling a few here and there. What happens when you bring a heavy hitter into the business? You very quickly lose any reward or residual income after they break away.

In conclusion, I did not join Coastal Vacations. While they do offer some nice discounts on travel, the compensation plan is marginal at best. As with any 2-up program, a lot of people end up with debt looking for someone to help them succeed. The truth is your sponsor has no desire for you since since you are his competition. I would stay far away from a business that is 2-up, unless of course you are that heavy hitter. In that case I hope you can sleep at night knowing that your success is built upon others failure.