Caribbean Resorts All Inclusive – Vacations in the Bahamas

The Bahamas include some 700 islands spreading out on nearly 100,000 square miles in the Caribbean ocean. The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, offers beautiful all inclusive resorts in these wonderful paradise islands. However, what ever island you may choose to go to you will find exquisite landscapes, beaches, resorts, hotels, food and much much more.

One of the most visited islands by tourists is Providence island because of its international airport as well as cruise ship dock. This island is sometimes mistaken with Nasseau which is actually only the Capital of the Bahamas islands.

In recent years the capital has invested millions of dollars in all inclusive Caribbean resorts with one focus in mind, the well-being of the tourists to offer them unforgivable vacations. Vacations of a life time!

You can fly to all the main islands of the Bahamas, or take a high-speed catamaran ferry, chartered sailboat or even motorboat to travel form one island to the other. So, basically you will be able to travel from one island to another without any problem.

If you are in for some great underwater water scuba diving exploration opportunities you can go to Grand Bahama island which is home to the UNEXSO headquarters, the underwater Explorers Society. There you will be able to get your own very underwater guide that will take you on Scuba diving trips and making sure it's a safe one too.

If you are hunting for some fresh water spots, you need to visit Andros, the largest island of the group, and enjoy the beautiful creeks, lakes and mangrove swamps. There you will also find the most beautiful spotless seashores that you've ever seen.

Long Island beach is known for its wide beaches to the west and rocky cliffs to the east. If you are in for postcard-like views this will be a breath-taking area that is a must see.

The jewels of the Bahamas islands are found in the Abaco islands which are crescent-shaped and include 130 square miles of landmass and turquoise waters.

Indeed the Bahamas island is one place on the planet that you want to visit at least once in your life. It is more than worth the trip and what is more is that it's totally affordable.

In the end, whatever island you may decide to visit and spend some time in you will keep being in awe of the magnificent views and they will stay in your mind forever.