Advantages of Travelling Solo

No matter what our choices are and what we crave for, traveling solo is one thing associated with our deepest emotions. We all imagine it, but rarely we take a step out of our mundane lives to identify, Who we are?

Solo traveling betters us in every possible dimension. And, there are more benefits than negatives, then why not just pack our bags and make the most of it.

There are innumerous advantages of traveling solo, yet these advantages showcase the most of the solo traveling:

Do you smell freedom?

Our life is like a soccer ball. You are lobbed, kicked, smashed, spun and what not. Finally, you are stepped on so bad that you are left with a confused head asking, what next? Before this happens, bring a difference that you are proud of and can boast it to all. It is very rare, we go and do stuff on our own. Probably, there are people in your life or in someone else’s life, giving a detour to your individuality every time. Don’t let this become your identity! You never know, how creative you are, until you put yourself to test. Solo traveling gives you a gamut of opportunities that frees you from your regularities and helps you outshine yourself.

Live a no drama life

Living an independent life was our thought once, long back! Now, nobody seems to be excited with the concept of independence itself. We all need someone to crib our worries and bug them until they start ignoring us. Jokes apart, but too much of drama should never be our lives part. In fact, there has to be a no-no for dramas. Life is about exploring new nuances that help you hone yourself. And, we indulge in activities that change us as weary as we cannot even imagine. So give your time to yourself and live a drama free life. Imagine yourself to be in Goa, so the only bothering stuff would be hotels in Goa, food in Goa and safety in Goa, rest is your happy face bothering others.

Brings new learning

If you think you will learn everything on your journey, it is time to think again. There is no possible way to learn every element associated with your trip. However, it is possible to sharpen your thought process and the way you look at things. You will probably know more things than any other person you know. Solo traveling is a way to learn new languages, appreciate cultural differences and associate with people who have a different outlook towards you and your culture. You will be bound to inculcate habits that were not known to you and you may have just skipped it in your cultural space.

New people, new culture

Say Hi to every new person you meet! There are people all around us, but rarely we take this as an opportunity to know them. We just ignore the facts that we belong to human race first and then individuals. Prioritizing our culture has been our motto since birth. But thinking a little different can bring a lot more bliss than we can get by being one track minded. Almost every new person you meet has something new to teach. Take solo traveling as an opportunity to meet as many people as you can. Learn the way they are happy and imbibe the goodness in you of meeting and learning.


Sometimes being lonely is just so needed. If you travel alone, you get an opportunity to know yourself more than others. Don’t let everybody else know you than you yourself. This is the time when traveling solo hits the right notes and gets you know yourself better. You may be very much aware of the fact that you like a lot of stuff but have not worked on your likings ever. Identify what you need and do what you have always craved for.

There are so many things to do in life and so less time to live every individual moment in person that we have lived in our thoughts already. Why not just take a step to know us better than we know ourselves currently.