A Wonderful Irish Golfing Vacation Spot

Those that enjoy a round of golf will make sure that wherever they go on vacation has access to a good course. Ireland is fast becoming the number one destination for golfing enthusiasts. You may be wondering right about now why so many are flocking to Ireland, well, they have some of the best golfing facilities in the world. There are both links and parkland course to satisfy even the most discerning of golfers.

There is a course that is over a century old north west of Sligo. This is recognized as one of the most demanding courses in the world, and for decades now accomplished golfers have taken on this course with the sole intention of lowering their score for the round. It also plays host to a range of prestigious golf tournaments.

A golfing vacation is not much fun for the rest of the family, but Sligo had plenty to offer them too, so you can happily go and play our golf knowing that your family are being entertained too.

If your family loves wildlife and nature, they are going to love Sligo. Seeing birds of prey in their natural habitat is a rare treat, but the largest sanctuary in Ireland gives you this opportunity. Rare breeds of animals can also be seen up close at Woodville farm.

When you are not on the golf course, a great pastime for the whole family to take part in is horse riding. Depending on your experience, you can either gallop across the beaches or take a slow ride through the lovely countryside.

Eating out and trying new food is always a highlight of vacations, and in Ireland you are literally spoiled for choice. Fine restaurants offer both famous local cuisine as well as famous dishes from around the world. It really is a gastronomes delight.

You need never leave your family at home again when you go on vacation. The times between rounds will be fun filled thanks to having your family there with you. You can not get a much better place for vacations than Sligo. Some of the best courses in the world and plenty to do for the family, it's perfect.