3 Tips To Avoid Getting Robbed In A Foreign Country

The problem of security is everywhere, even in your dream country. It is a menace that refuses to go, so whether you are at home or abroad, you are still likely to get robbed on vacation. However, while you are abroad, your guard is mostly down, as you are focused on enjoying yourself. Make sure to check for reviews on travel agencies before you patronise any of them.

That said, it is essential to keep yourself apprised of the security situation in your desired vacation spot. Never go in blind. Make sure to research it well and save the numbers for emergencies in case there is one. You should also read up on Britain travel insurance companies and get yourself protected from any unforeseen and unwanted problem.

How can I avoid getting robbed on the street in a foreign country?

Most robberies that occur while you are on vacation are poorly planned and managed. Why? Because they were devised on the spot. Thieving locals could spot that you were a newcomer, wet around the ears, and so an easy target. How do you ensure you do not get mugged and robbed? Well. You should;

Act, walk and talk like a ‘local’

The saying, ‘when in Rome, behave like the Romans,’ is the most appropriate for a tourist in a new place. It is not to say that you shouldn’t ask questions or directions when you are confused but do so in a way that does not mark you out as a newbie. Always pay attention to the way the locals behave. How they carry their bags, how they store things, the meaning of their gestures, how they walk on the road: relaxed or worried and anxious—you should study them all.

At least, your first few days should be dedicated to understanding the locals and making friends with some of them. They know their community best and can advise on what you should do, how you should act, and what you should open your eyes to. After some time, you will find yourself blending in and becoming a ‘local.’

Keep your treasured items to yourself.

No one wants to see your gold wristwatch, your diamond necklace, or your brand new smartphone—keep them all to yourself. When you are in a crowded space, make sure to always keep your treasured items around you, and be sure to check on them regularly. Showing off these possessions might catch the attention of a thief, whose intention will be to dispossess you of them. Never look like you are carrying valuable items. It is sure to get you mugged.

Use your electronics devices.

Your electronics devices are essential tools on your travels, some you have to use more often than not. For instance, your phone is a needed tool for communication, and if you are on a work trip, your laptop is a much-needed tool. However, you should not display these items loosely in public.

If you would work in public, make sure it is an enclosed space. Always keep your electronics close to you. You should also have emergency numbers stored apart from your mobile devices: on a piece of paper or in a diary. This is to ensure that you can reach safety at all times, even if you get mugged.

Another tip you should implement is the strength in numbers tip. Find other tourists like you and walk together. Thieves would steer clear because of how many you are. You should never let down your guard. Always be wary. This does not mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. It means you should stay alert while enjoying yourself.