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Fun Facts to Know About Copenhagen, Denmark Travelling can be quite interesting Regardless of whether it is work or leisure related. People enjoy the chance to meet new people as well as the exposure that comes with travelling. If you want to have a travelling experience you can remember there are a number of factors to consider. This is quite important especially if it is a place you have never been to. Copenhagen is one of the most fun and interesting places to visit in Europe. Highlighted below are some cool facts you may find interesting about Copenhagen. The Best Time to Travel Is during Christmas and New Year’s Holidays The holiday seasons are the times where the people bring out the height of festivity. They have an amazing twist to celebration and they are quite tasteful in their festivity. During this season you will encounter Christmas markets from as early as mid-November. In these markets, you are likely to find a variety of gifts for everyone. Nobody would lack something in this market, they have a range of gifts from wooden toys to kitchen utensils and even jewelry for the women. Even though you will not always have a white Christmas, you will definitely see white a whole lot considering this is the most loved color of lights for Christmas decoration in Denmark.
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These people are said to be the happiest people in the world. It is not simply because they smile or laugh a lot. according to survey that was done in 2013, people from Denmark had a cumulative score of 7.6 out of ten points on a happiness scale, higher than any other country. If you are from a place where people are not as “happy” as they are in Denmark, you might want to start practicing on that smile before you land. They Don’t Use the Euro Although it is one of the European countries Denmark does not use the Euro. They have a currency known as the Krone or Crown. In Denmark the money is unique because you will mostly see picture of bridges and historical findings. Unlike other countries that have images of presidents and famous people on money, theirs is not the case. This just goes to show that these people have a value that is less directed towards them and they nurture the spirit of craftsmanship as opposed to ego. It Has the Second Oldest Amusement Park Copenhagen city is proudly the home of Tivoli. It is an amusement park that began operating in 1843. It is a fun filled place that families visit to have a good experience. You can find some very interesting stuff to do like go on roller coaster rides, visit the treat stalls or even cool amusement arcades and beautiful gardens. If you are in Europe and you want a place to go Copenhagen is definitely the place to be. All you have to do is reserve your stay at a cheap hotel room and get ready for the adventure of a life time.

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