The Eagles take Nashville to ‘Hotel California’ with marathon concert

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A note wasn’t played Thursday night inside Bridgestone Arena until the album began spinning — literally. 

Before one cymbal splash or the strum of a guitar, a silent, stoic figure wearing head-to-toe black stepped on stage in downtown Nashville and pulled out an LP from under his arm. Holding up an album sleeve sun-soaked artwork accented by blue neon words, he slipped out a vinyl record to roaring applause. He laid the album on a turntable situated to one side of the stage and dropped the needle. 

A few spins after completing this nostalgic ritual and The Eagles appeared from behind a curtain to play the opening notes to the band’s ultimate contribution to rock music canon: “Hotel California.” 

As if the grooves on the 45-year-old album popped to life inside Bridgestone Arena, the band — featuring longtime members Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Joe Walsh and adopted country great Vince Gill — proceeded to perform “Hotel California” in its entirety.