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Las Vegas: Is Getting Married Here Right for You? In the past, people believed that traveling to Las Vegas to be married would be a mistake. At this time, this is no longer the case. There is something for everyone in the Las Vegas wedding industry. When choosing your wedding location, make sure to include Las Vegas in your list of choices. Thousands upon thousands of couples are deciding to wed in Las Vegas annually. One of the biggest reasons for this is the ease of getting a marriage license. The courthouse only has to see some identification and $55, and you are all set to go! Las Vegas doesn’t take blood test or need you to wait a certain amount of time, so it is as easy as possible. Another popular facet of Vegas weddings, is that due to the popularity, there are many choices for venues and wedding planners. All-inclusive venue packages are available, so choosing Vegas can mean little work for you and your partner.
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Even wedding venues that are not all-inclusive often offer wedding planning help, and can assist with many ceremony details either in person, or long-distance. Planning a wedding in Vegas can be the easiest option.
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Some are concerned with their budget when it comes to wedding planning, and Las Vegas weddings can even be a great choice for these couples. There is something for every price point. In some circumstances, you would only have to pay $100 to be wed. For about $200, you can have the standard Las Vegas style small chapel wedding. With the way wedding prices have increased in the last several years, getting married in Vegas can be a great frugal option. If you are wanting to have an extravagant wedding, there are options on that side as well. These gorgeous wedding and reception venues offer a multitude of customizable options. Due to the fact that packaging options and in-house planners are available, even the priciest weddings will be less than had you planned the same wedding and reception elsewhere. When a lot of people think of Vegas wedding, they think of a spontaneous type of wedding. Even if you aren’t looking for a quickie wedding, there are faster options in the Las Vegas wedding industry. Some of the more extravagant venues may even have a much better availability. To have your specific venue or package absolutely certain, make sure to call in advance. No matter what you are looking for, Las Vegas probably offers it. From a walk-in second wedding, to an extravagant black tie affair, the choice is yours. Maybe as a couple you want a little bit of control, or maybe you want all of the control, but either way there is a venue that will suit your needs.

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