Police: Driver attacked in Decatur hotel parking lot; gun recovered, police say | Crime and Courts

DECATUR — Police say a revolver-wielding Decatur man broke through the passenger side window of a truck while trying to attack the driver in a hotel parking lot.  

Court documents say the 54-year-old attacker approached the victim, 30, in the 3000 block of North Water Street around 2:29 p.m. on Nov. 17 while he was inside his truck and began banging on the window with a revolver. The altercation came following ongoing personal issues between the men, according to the documents. 

The 54-year-old then broke out the window and started climbing into the passenger seat, prompting the 30-year-old to take off driving through the parking lot while the man clung to the side of the truck, according to a sworn affidavit.

Police say the gunman was knocked off of the truck moments later and his body struck the rear of another parked car, the impact causing the revolver he was holding to fall into the passenger seat.

An affidavit says police recovered the weapon, found to have a defaced serial number, among broken glass in the front passenger seat of the 30-year-old’s truck. The suspect denied possession of the revolver during a police interview “but advised his DNA would be on the gun” as he claimed to have wielded the firearm at the victim’s house, police say.  

Police say a nylon holster “suitable” for the revolver was located in the back seat of the attacker’s truck, found parked in an alleyway near the hotel.

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