Let the Holidays Begin

So, the shoots of spring are beginning to creep out of the cold winter earth, and finally thoughts of summer cross your mind. You realize that you've been head down for the long winter months and it's high time that you and yours had a break. Maybe it's a short city break, perhaps a week in a remote stunning landscape, but wherever you choose to recharge your batteries, the accommodation is a key part to a successful time out.

The traditional choices of hotel or bed and breakfast are now joined by a flourishing industry of holiday let accommodation, which offers some distinct advantages. Freedom and privacy are two important features of renting an apartment or cottage of your own for the duration of your stay.

True, there will be no concierge or room service (although some holiday lets will deliver a delicious breakfast basket on request), but the care you receive from having a space dedicated to you with no interruptions from maids or front desk reception staff means that you can for a short time live with the heady idea that you are actually free! You come and go anytime you wish. If you get the munchies at 4am you can saunter into your own fully equipped kitchen and make a midnight snack, without the inconvenience of calling up room service, waiting for the intrusion of delivery and then having to pay extra on your bill for it.

: Many holiday lets now Provide the HIGHEST possible : standards, Including <br> free wi-fi internet access, cable or satellite television and your own laundry facilities – all things That would cost extra in a hotel.

The phrase home from home does not do justice to holiday lets, as they are much more than that. You have every home comfort, but with the sole purpose of giving you space to relax and enjoy, without the daily lists that accompany each of us in our own home. A hotel room can be a pretty lonely, confined space at times, whereas your own apartment or cottage can provide the welcome warmth and space you need. There can also be the advantage of outdoor space, or a pool / Jacuzzi that you do not have to share with 100 others.

And last but definitely not least – the cost. Holiday lets can be the very best choice if you want to have more spending money while you're away, or if you are on a tight budget. When you are holidaying with friends or family, it can work out at a fraction of the cost, per head, of a hotel.

So go on, get online and enjoy the riches of beautiful affordable accommodation wherever your heart takes you.