Jobs That Require Travel – The Good Ones

Looking for jobs that require travel? As a semi professional vagabond, I’ve had a variety of jobs that were accepted solely for the travel perks. I have never been one for the office environment, preferring instead to hit the road and see the world. Here are the top four jobs that require travel:

Truck Driver. If your principal passion in life is to be on the road, and you can stand sitting down for long periods of time, this can be a great job. There are several trucking companies out there that will train and help you get your commercial drivers license (CDL). Depending on the size of the vehicle, you can get either a class A or B, with special endorsements (such as a passenger endorsement, if you’re driving other people). For a very specific breed of person, being a truck driver is a great way to make a living.

Tour Guide. If you think a special breed of person enjoys trucking, it is a subspecies that enjoys these long term travel gigs. In a nutshell, a travel company hands you a van, a trailer, thirteen people and several thousand dollars, and it’s your job to make sure they have the time of their lives driving across the country! Did I mention you actually get paid to do this? I spent a summer running trips for Trek America, and gotta tell you it was the most fun occupation I’ve ever had!

Random job in a National Park. OK, this job doesn’t require travel in itself, but it does give you the chance to explore a drop dead gorgeous location in more depth than most people ever will. I had the good fortune to work in Yosemite for a summer (prep cook), and have returned there annually ever since. Along the way, I was also able to save several thousand dollars, because there’s not much to spend money on in the woods!

Cruise lines. Similar to truck driving: if you can handle the long periods of time at sea, this is a great opportunity. Cruise lines employ people from all over the place, all with different skills. My advice is to land a job that caters to the guests; that way you’ll have time off when you land in a port.

These are the best sources for jobs that require travel. Admittedly, most are short term, but they will provide memories that far outlast your stay!