Experience Tanah Lot, a Temple of Dedication

Planning a trip to Bali? Well if you are, then your vacation is headed in the right direction. It is a renovated tourist destination that attracts thousands of travelers all year long from around the world. The island nestled among Lombok and Java, two beautiful islands in Indonesia is a place you are destined to be. What also makes it a significant destination is its traditional culture, the island is famous for its vast Hindu minority and that many of its attractions are devoted to its religion.

Bali has a long list of places to see and things to do, so travelers to this beautiful island will be in for a memorable time. What is more, it is also a thriving destination where dance, painting, developed arts, leather, sculpture music and metalworking has grown significantly over the years.

A must see here is the renovated Tanah Lot, this attraction is among the islands prestigious, traditional and treasured landmarks. The setting is absolutely breathtaking as the Tanah Lot is situated adjunct to the ocean almost occupying a piece of the blue sea. Travelers to this particular attraction will be blown away by its beauty. Rocks form the Tanah Lot and it serves as the foundation and home of the pilgrimage temple known as the Pura Tanah Lot, which is also recognized as the Tanah Lot temple. This cultural attraction is among Bali's most picturesque places ideal for exoticism and photography.

Tanah Lot is located in Tabanan and in close proximity to the Bali town, the setting overlooks the ocean and its rock formation looks somewhat like a ship stranded on the shallow waters of the ocean. The temple, which has been in existence for centuries, was built by a group of fishermen after a revered priest known as Nirartha, requested them to do so. The temple serves as a sacred sanctuary dedicated to the sea gods of Bali.

Travelers to the temple will find its ancient building worthy of exploring. During ones tour around the Tanah Lot, make sure to stop over at a souvenir shop or enjoy a refreshing meal at one of its restaurants built on the top of its promises.