Effective Property Advertising Includes an Informative and Relevant Email Signature!

I always consider an email signature as a virtual business card, and one of the key components of my rental advertising.

Think about it, a potential renter has contacted several, if not dozens of vacation rentals about their property. They get an email back from you and they probably don’t remember your property specifically. Your signature is a wonderful opportunity for you to convey information to them that is useful, information packed, and benefit oriented. You want to seize the opportunity to reinforce the top 1-2 key selling points of your property, provide a link to your web site, and inform them of any upcoming specials if applicable.

Here’s a list of my recommended content for Your Email Signature:

• Your Name

• A One Sentence Benefit Statement

• Property Name (that links to your web site address)

• Phone Number

• Optional: Special offer

• Optional: Physical Address or link to Map (Many property owners don’t provide this until the property is confirmed, but many do, so it’s a consideration).


~~ Beth Miller

“Enjoy Ski-In Access at Copper Mountain, Complete with All the Top Resort Amenities!”

Copper Mountain Chalet, 303-697-8888

Take advantage of our off-season rates through October 31st!

Here’s some additional tips: 1. Keep your email signature short and sweet. By providing this information “at a glance” you’re also acknowledging that people tend to skim email, and many access it from their smartphones, so you don’t want to make it hard to wade through your email to find your web address!

2. Pictures can come through as attachments, or not translate well to mobile phones depending on how they’re set up. I recommend text only email signatures, and keeping it simple and benefit oriented.

3. I highly recommend a dedicated email address for your rental property that is an extension of your domain name. This will make it very easy for your guests, as they have most likely responded to a number of ads, and they don’t remember whom they’ve talked to. For example, if your domain is [http://www.seacottagerentals.com] you want your email to be Barbara@seacottagerentals.com instead of Barbara@gmail.com. You’re also less likely to end up in a spam folder!

Once you have set up your dedicated email through your web host it’s very easy to set up multiple email accounts within Outlook or Mac Mail. Once that’s done, you can create an individual signature file in Outlook or Mac Mail (or any other email management program you use. Just Google how to set it up).