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Accessible Cruise Trips for All – What Do You Need to Know?

Its peak summer time and that calls for long vacations, travel excursions, days off from work and a time full of absolute bliss surrounded by family and loved ones.

While most people may plan their vacations without too much planning, persons with special needs need to think of a lot of things before they can finalize their vacation. While it may involve extra planning and organizing, it certainly is possible for people with special needs to travel and enjoy just like everyone else.

One of the best vacations for persons with physical restrictions is a cruise vacation. Many major cruise lines offer accessible travel for persons with limited mobility. From the port to the staterooms and everything in between, each element of the ship is accessible for persons with special needs.

Accessible Travel with Senior Persons

If you are travelling with seniors who may have special needs, then here are some pointers that you need to consider to plan a smooth and fun filled accessible cruise trip:

1. Call ahead – check on the special needs provider for equipment rental, way before your trip, that you may require for you or your senior family member. This gives them a margin to prepare and arrange for the equipment on time – wheelchairs, electric scooters, oxygen equipment, beds, walking aides, etc.

2. Be Clear – clearly mention and specify your needs to the service provider to ensure you get the right kind of equipment and the preferred size (e.g. electric mobility scooters are available in different sizes).

3. Stock up on Meds – take extra medicines on board, you don’t want to miss a dose in case there is a diversion and the trip takes longer than the arrival time to reach the destination port.

4. Special Rooms – when booking your …

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7 Jobs That Provide A Company Car

Being provided with a company car is a great 'perk' of employment, and depending on which position an individual holds, can be utilized either on a part-time or full-time basis. Some of the jobs that offer a company car include the following:

1. Many upper-management, specifically, executive management positions, include the use of a company car, particularly those directly working for an automotive manufacturer or nearly related to the industry. In these instances, it's the perfect way to increase their advertising as more of their cars are seen on the road. Another reason that is that, just as in some communities' keeping up with the Jones' is a means of determining resident status in the neighborhood, members of the upper-Echelon of corporations are provided with company vehicles because they also need to 'keep up Appearances'. A newer or luxury car representations success and in business, that's very important, especially in regard to their competitors.

2. Jobs that require an employee to travel frequently often times provide the use of a company car. Corporations realize that it's not entirely fair to expect an employee who has to travel on a regular basis, such as in the case of a sales or marketing position, to have to utilize their own vehicle. The company acknowledges the fact that these types of employees are required to travel frequently as part of their job and should not have to carry the expense of maintenance and or fuel costs, in addition to wear on their personal vehicle, so they provide the individual With the use of a 'company' car.

3. Car dealerships usually provide their salesmen with the use of a company car. Along the same lines of an auto-industry executive, this is an excellent way for the dealership to advertise their vehicles and hopefully attract …

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Tbilisi: A City of Wonderful Attractions and Fine Dining

Take a Quick Trip to Tbilisi and Enjoy Authentic Georgian Food

If you want to travel to Tbilisi and have just a week’s time, here are the places to visit and dine at.

Travel to Georgia can be a wonderful experience. However, if you want to just stay in the capital, Tbilisi, there are plenty of things to do and wonderful places to stay and eat. Tbilisi is not only Georgia’s capital but is also Georgia’s largest city with over one-fifth of Georgia’s population living there.

The best place to be in Tbilisi is the center of the city. These areas include Rustaveli Avenue, Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Square), Leselidze Street and the Old City. At the end of Leselidze Street you can go to the Maidan neighborhood or cross the Mtkvari to the Metekhi and Avlabari Neighborhoods. There are also the Vake and Saburtalo neighborhoods with great places to visit.


There are numerous places to dine in Tbilisi including high-class restaurants which also have hotel rooms. Some of the best restaurants and cafes in Tbilisi are:

1. Dzveli Tbilisi, which translates into English as “Old Tbilisi”, is a wonderful restaurant and hotel located in the Metekhi neighborhood. This is one of the most expensive restaurants, but the rooms are some of the more affordable in the center of Tbilisi.

Dzveli Tbilisi is located near the Avlabari Subway Station of the main road going eastward. As you enter the property of Dzveli Tbilisi, you will be delighted by a small pool with a geyser fountain which you cross over an arched bridge. As you go into the Dzveli Tbilisi Hotel/Restaurant building, you will be greeted by very friendly people who speak Georgian, Russian, and English; who are more than willing to help you out.

The restaurant has reasonable prices for …

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Specifics Are the Distinction in Inns and Their Amenities

No subject the industry in which you perform, when it arrives to your perform versus someone else&#39s the particulars are the variance. Doing the job in the hospitality industry, you know that men and women fork out consideration to various particulars, including the hotel materials. You bear witness to this day-to-day when you perform in a lodge. Especially in a lodging ecosystem, a visitor providers employees focused to helping visitors quickly and politely, a housekeeping employees that utilizes good quality hotel materials for a spotless visitor room and visitor rooms that talk to the smallest particulars when they&#39re furnished with the finest hotel materials are essential for results.

The hotel materials that adorn your visitor rooms subject, regardless of whether or not it&#39s the fluffy pillows or the disposable bath mats, particularly when you consider that the touring public has many inns from which to opt for. The number of visitors commenting on their activities and the hotel materials, either by means of publish card, letter or the web, continues to increase. They comment on every single aspect of their stay, from the condition of the vacation resort alone to the room services, and every thing in involving. Hotel materials like the linens on the bed and the hangers in the closet subject, too.

The good reasons why men and women hire a visitor room vary as substantially as the visitors by themselves. The similar is real for the hotel materials. For case in point, executives touring for small business may see travel as a chore though a family may see touring as a enjoyment escape from the daily. Of Write-up why they &#39re Irrespective&#39re touring, when they &#39re lands test into hwy visitor room, they &#39re be expecting a cleanse room, Replete with hotel materials colour : such colour …

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The Love Of The Game

In all the years of competitive sports whether as an athlete or coach defined the character of what I was and what I was to become. Reaching that pinnacle of ability whether it was on the track or baseball field, the basketball court, or the pool those ever so fleeting moments in the sun honed my persona to a level I thought I’d never become. Even after an athletic career I somehow knew the next obvious step.

In athletics especially in an era unlike today when I was just starting out baseball was the game everyone played. It didn’t matter if it was rain or shine it seems we were always outside. A quick learner I became not only from my father but those little league coaches that were so instrumental in teaching not only the fundamentals of the game but how to behave with dignity and grace especially when we eared or just fell flat on our face.

Life lessons that I learned from an athletic career has carried me well all through the years. When I look around today many times I am appalled from what I see. There is too much emphasis put on winning at all costs. Professional sports is partly to blame. It really is now a far cry from yesterday. Most of the blame though comes from the media where TV revenue has far exceeded everyone’s expectations When so much money is now involved has actually corrupted the integrity of the game. This corruption has now been passed down to our youth that come to play. Too many are caught up idolizing and immortalizing many professional players whose own disposition cares little for the game except for the money and fame.

Now as I look back to my younger playing days not a harsh …

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Phoenix Hotel in Angeles City – Philippines

The Phoenix Hotel is a two-star hotel situated in the heart of Angeles. Although designed for budget travelers, the hotel offers accommodation services outstanding in quality. The hotel is basically ideal for those who wish for casual and laid-back accommodations in very modest prices.

Designed in a minimalist-modern theme, the hotel is spacious enough for your personal comfort. The hotel also offers a wide range of menus in its in-house restaurant, with cuisines such as American, Italian, Asian, English and Australian. As a special feature, the hotel also offers Indian cuisine with their skilled expatriate chef specializing in exotic Indian dishes such as Tikka, Tandoori and Vindaloo. There is also an air-conditioned bar for socializing and enjoying the hotel's fine selection of wines and cocktails. The poolside bar also offers weekly barbecue specials featuring different cuisines from all over the world. The Phoenix Hotel also has an in-house swimming pool for the sole enjoyment of their guests.

Services in the Hotel also include Internet access, airport transfers, foreign exchange counter and safety deposit boxes. Additional amenities for leisure and relaxation include the pool table, travel services, housekeeping services and spa services. Wireless internet is available in most room, and desktop units for internet connection are also available for a minimal charge.

The Hotel has thirty-three spacious rooms aimed at pleasing their hotel guests. Their affordable rooms contain the basic amenities that one should expect, such as air-conditioning, cable television, telephone, mini-bar and private bathroom. Price range for a single room is about 1500 to 1600 pesos, and no more than 2000 pesos for VIP Rooms. VIP Rooms contain a separate living and dining area for a more spacious lodging.

The Phoenix Hotel can also arrange travel tours for Mount Pinatubo trekking, mountain hiking and golfing. The hotel is also within …

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8 Critical Cold Sore Stages

Let’s look at the 8 distinct cold sore stages, and what you can do now to lessen the severity, discomfort and length of your cold sore event.

Cold sore stages 2-8 are the active stages and are very contagious during this time. Usually 3 to 4 weeks is the average life-span of a cold sore. Much depends on your health and choice of treatments for each of your cold sore stages.

COLD SORE STAGES: #1 – LATENT – Here the cold sore herpes simplex virus is hiding in the nerve ganglia near the back of the jaw on the same side as your cold sore usually appears. The cold sore virus may “sleep” for weeks or years without incident. Your body’s defense “soldiers” keep them in check. When there is stress in another part of your body, your defenses may drop at this location. Then the cold sore virus can escape and travel to the surface to reproduce – beginning the active cold sore stages.

COLD SORE STAGES: # 2 – PRODROME – The cold sore virus reproductive cycle begins here. The cold sore virus travels down your nerve fibers to the surface. This movement causes your cold sore target area to itch or tingle. You may notice a burning or dryness sensation. This stage could last a few hours to a few days before entering the more intense cold sore stages.

COLD SORE STAGES: # 3 – INFLAMMATION Your cold sore virus has now arrived at the surface and begins it’s reproductive cycle by entering the cells at the end of the nerve. This causes a lot of swelling and redness at the cold sore site as your cells react to being invaded by the herpes cold sore virus .


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When To Travel To Alaska

The climate patterns in Alaska can be excessive and pretty unpredictable. You may perhaps be bathing in the daylight for months prior to getting blown out into the Pacific. The temperatures change from a substantial of 100 levels to a low of negative 80 levels. Make sure you know what to anticipate based on the month you select to travel in.

June – August

The summer months months are most likely the most remarkable time of the yr. The sunlight shines just about all working day prolonged below generating for some really short nights. The sunlight energizes persons as it refuses to go down. June twenty first is the longest working day of the yr and it shines for 21 hrs in Alaska that working day. Even during the summer months, you can anticipate some more time than usual daylight hrs. June is the driest and the very best month in the summer months to travel. Alaska is commonly heat based on where by you go. In the Arctic it is of system cooler than in the southern region. In the Artic, the snow could adhere all over until eventually mid-June generating for a cold and muddy experience up as a result of the trails in the mountains. July is warmer than June is but not just about as damp as in August. August is the rainiest time of the yr so make sure to pack a raincoat and umbrella.

Summer time does have a single disadvantage though all the visitors flood to Alaska, substantial costs. The tourist sector has but ninety days to make all of the cash they can to stay on for that yr. Performing three months and possessing 9 months off pushes them to make as a lot cash as possible and the larger the costs …

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How to Sector a Hotel – 4 Tested Practices

When internet marketing your hotel you may desperately seek reasonably priced and unconventional practices to help you stand out and preserve to a tight finances, but probabilities are that major funds will have to be devoted to spreading the word. Do not overlook some of these standard, proven practices which have served the launches of numerous resorts.

Tourism Business office

Obtain out how the area tourism office can help to promote the hotel options in your city or county. They may offer listing on their website with the purchase membership at the quite minimum. If you go additional and promote in tourism materials, make sure you are prominently positioned in materials holidaymakers seem at prior to arriving to the city. Becoming in a pamphlet they obtain only on arrival to the area tourism office will be of no help. Search for progress materials, these types of as website or marketing packets the tourism office sends to all those who specific curiosity and to travel brokers.

General public Relations

A community relations technique is essential to crafting the tale of why your hotel is newsworthy. From a area standpoint, this may be an simple offer. Much more operate need to go in to the larger travel press and enterprise press (if you will cater to enterprise vacationers). You or your meticulously chosen community relations agent or firm must craft press releases which describe the tale of curiosity to the paper, using the guesswork and legwork out of the equation for them. A good PR firm must be maintaining abreast of, a website devoted to reporter calls for industry experts testimony and tales.

Internet Marketing and advertising

To outspend opponents and hotel reserving web-sites like and on Google advertisement key phrases for resorts in your city will be complicated. …

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Save Money by Reducing Entertainment Expenses

This article provides many helpful tips on reducing your entertainment expenses. One easy way to have more money is to reduce your living expenses. So by using a little time and effort, you can save money that otherwise might be spent needlessly.


Dating does not have to be expensive. You probably want to discover each other and have a good time while doing it. But you do not need to show that special person how much money you can throw around. Impress her with your attention, caring, and dependability. Forget those expensive restaurants for most of the time. Instead, delight her with your imagination and resourcefulness. (No, I do not mean those mud wrestling matches.)

Picture this – you're sitting in a cozy little restaurant with a view of the setting sun. You've finished your meal (nothing fancy, just satisfying food and drink). You look each other in the eyes while holding hands. Is this to the person for me, you wonder? (I'm going to stop here; you can fill in your own details, but notice that it does not have to be expensive!)

Here are some ideas for inexpensive dates (young people probably have their own ideas).

  • A picnic in the park
  • A tennis match (but do not spoil it by trying too hard to win)
  • A walk along the beach
  • Preparing meals for each other
  • Listening to music or watching a movie you both like
  • Sitting close together and talking about your childhood adventures (is a hot tub available?)
  • Giving each other a back rub or foot massage

Ideas for low-cost entertainment

After cutting back on expensive entertainments, you need some inexpensive replacements. Here are a few ideas to ponder:

There are many ways to have inexpensive entertainment in your life. You can discuss your hopes and …

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