Canterbury Vacations – What To Do When You Stay In Canterbury

Canterbury vacations offer you the perfect blend of a city holiday with the chance to enjoy the coast and countryside as well. So you know that through your stay in this beautiful and ancient city there are going to be things for everyone to do which will keep them entertained.

Even for the youngest people in your vacation group you will find that they will have plenty to keep them amused. Along with some very beautiful but shingly beaches for them to play on there are plenty of good walking paths as well as beautiful beach side promenades for them to enjoy.

Just a long the coast from Canterbury is the small town of Herne Bay and here you will find a variety of different activities to keep the children in your group amused. On the seafront there is a play area containing trampolines and a mini golf course. Plus also, Herne Bay has a cinema and leisure center as well so even if the weather takes a turn for the worse there is still plenty for one to do.

Another great place to visit during your time in Canterbury is Badger's Hill Farm and Cidery. Here you can not only get a chance to sample and buy some of the cider that the farm produces but there are other refreshments that one can enjoy in the farm shop. Also, it sells a large selection of homemade foods including pickles and preserves and local hand crafted gifts.

For the kids there is also a chance for them to spend some time feeding the animals. But here you will not only find sheep, pigs and cows but also wallabies, rheas and Patagonian Caveys as well. A great way to see the city of Canterbury is by going on an historic river tour. This last for around 30 to 40 minutes and allow you to visit the small 13th Century Franciscan chapel on an island at the end of the city known as Greyfriars.

Then after spending time exploring the island you get back on the boat to head down towards the Cathedral itself. During the journey, you will pass by Eastbridge Hospital that was built in the 12th Century and under King's Bridge, which was built in 1134.

As you journey on down toward Canterbury Cathedral on either side you will see buildings dating back to the medieval period of this city's history. There is the Old Weavers House, The Kings Mill and an iron forge dating back to the times of Cromwell.

Once you have passed the Cathedral and the river offers you, some spectacular views of this imposing building you reach the final stop in the tour. You pass through the priories that were built by the Blackfriars (Dominican Monks) back in the 14th Century and end up at a site known as Abbots Mill. You then make your way back down river again to the point from which the tour began.

Certainly, Canterbury vacations will offer all members of your family something to do that they will enjoy and which will entertain them. However, you may find that you need to return to this city several more times to ensure that you have seen and done everything that you want.