California man accused of secretly recording in Las Vegas hotel room

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A California man is accused of secretly recording two women in the bathroom of a Las Vegas hotel room.

James Twerion was arrested in Riverside, Calif. on May 4 in connection with the incident reported at the Vdara Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip on Feb. 28, 2020.

According to a warrant from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, a woman and her adult daughter were staying at the hotel for a birthday. Twerion reportedly booked the room for them, the report said.

During the stay, one of the women saw a USB charger in the bathroom and removed it to plug in other things. Twerion “became irate” and told her to stop moving the charger, the report said.

Twerion’s behavior made them suspicious, police said in the report. One of the women noticed a light inside the charger and thought it might be a camera. The report also said Twerion had electric cords coming out of his luggage.

One of the women began placing a towel over the charger when in the bathroom, the report said. The women also said Twerion wasn’t using the charger during the stay.

Eventually the women called hotel security and chose to stay with family in town instead of at the hotel, the report said. Hotel security said they found a small lens inside the charger and called police, but Twerion had already checked out of the hotel.

Police investigated the device further on April 10, 2020. Investigators said the device had images of the victims nude as they got in and out of shower during their stay. An arrest warrant was issued April 22, 2020.

Twerion was arrested on the warrant in Riverside on May 4, 2022 and was extradited to Las Vegas. His next hearing was set for July 21, according to court records.