Benefits of White Noise Machines

Before you can understand the benefits of white noise machines, you must first understand what white noise is and how it works.

White noise received its name because ‘White” was chosen because of the way the color white works with light. A white light is not a color absent of color is it really a combination of all colors. Therefore, white noise is a combination of all frequencies of sound all being played at the same time.

The best way to explain how a white noise machine works is to think about being at a loud concert, mall, or football game with a friend. With all the noise, all around you are still able to focus of the voice of your friend and the game while blocking out all the other noise. Now consider being in a room with thousands of people all talking at once, it is then impossible for your brain to focus on just one voice in the crowd. Your brain will hear a wave of sound.

With a white noise machine it works on this principle except it has every sound at all frequencies and it is more like the sound of radio static.

White noise machines are not annoying sounds they actually absorb all the sounds and replace what your brain hears with a soothing calming sound such as the sound of a motor of a fan, a waterfall, or the soft hum of an air-conditioner.

Benefits of white noise machines at home and at work can be as simple as drowning out noise so you can sleep at night to absorbing all the noises that co-workers create in an office environment. This gives you the ability to rest better at home, improve work efficiency, reduce stress, and above all create a calm and peaceful environment.

White noise machines will eliminate the sounds of co-workers pecking away on their computers, their telephone conversations, and of course the loud roar of traffic outside. You can find several different types of white noise machines perfect for any environment where you might need to drown out noise. There are some wonderful travel size white noise machines such as the Marpac Marsona Compact Sound Conditioner, which you can take with you on business trips, vacation, or even to the in-laws for those holiday visits. With a travel size white noise machine, you will be able to enjoy a quiet working environment in your hotel room and receive a peaceful night’s sleep as well.

Many people have reported they can focus on their work easier, finish tasks faster, and handle stressful situation better after they began using a white noise machine at work. You can create a calm working environment so you will be able to perform your job with efficiency and meet deadlines without pulling out your hair.

You can choose the best type of white noise machine for travel, office or home and receive a calm and peaceful environment in which to finish reports, read a book, or take a nap.

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