Air Traveling Trend in India

Once there was an age in which a limited number of airlines operated their airline flights in India. The wealthy people or the high profile persons enjoyed their traveling by air planes or helicopters. With the passage of time a significant change in the growth of India changed the whole scenario of the country India. The country became economically sound. The various domestic as well as international airlines have been attracted towards the air passengers of India. They started a number of domestic airline flights as well as to the various important cities of the world.

The various most popular airlines which operate their flights in India to reach the air passengers of India are as follows.

– Air India

– Indian Airlines

– Kingfisher

– Lufthansa

– Air Sahara

– Gulf Air

– Air Mauritius

– British Airways

– Emirates Airlines

– Continental Airlines

– Malaysia Airlines

– SriLankan Airlines

– Japan Airlines

– Thai Airways International

– Qantas Airways

The increasing number of airlines and its airlines flights to various destinations brought happiness for the customers. The competition in reducing the air fare acted as the bonus for the passengers. Now it became so easy and comfortable for even a normal person to travel by the flights. The various airlines have demanded more air planes to increase their flight services to cover more destinations.

But all these things didn’t go for a long time. The increasing number of employees which were engaged in providing better services with in the flight or out side the flight became the burden for the airlines. The increasing amount of air fuel forced the management to reduce its airline flights to various destinations. Even the situation became so worst that some of airlines started lay off their employees.