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The Benefits of Retiring in Thailand Do you have dreams of retiring in a special place with good weather? If your answer is yes, then it is best that you consider Thailand as the best place for your retirement. Why should you select Thailand? Are you aware of why Thailand is widely sought after as a feasible retirement place for elderly men and women? For those who are still in doubt as to where you can retire, then continue reading this article to get some tips and insights on why Thailand is the best place to retire. Everywhere you go, you can come across lots of individuals who are still doubtful and hesitant about retirement. There are some who considered it as the culmination of their adult phase while others considered it as the start of tumultuous lives. These elderly men and women should not possess this kind of view for as long as these people have positive outlook in their lives, especially in retirement. Nowadays, there are lots of options when it comes to retirement places. What is needed of you is simply to choose the right country on where you can retire. For those who are in the same predicament, then where do you want to retire? The Rationale of Selecting Thailand as the Ideal Place to Retire
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There are lots of elderly men and women who choose Thailand because of the numerous scenic attractions it has, unique culture as well as terrific weather. Other than the things detailed beforehand, Thailand also offer superb healthcare choices as well as affordable cost of living. In this connection, Thailand becomes the ideal retirement place. It is particularly true for the expatriates as they will not have trouble in getting retirement visa in this nation.
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The Importance of the Retirement Visa from Thailand The good thing about having this retirement visa is that older individuals are allowed to stay in this nation for one year that can be extended for how many years you want to live in there. Expatriates need to visit the Thai Immigration Office to verify your address every 90 days. Once you have this visa, you can ship any of your personal belongings devoid of paying taxes, six months after you obtain your visa. How to Obtain This Visa? Should you be 50 years old and beyond, receiving a pension of around 65,000 baht and you have a bank savings containing approximately 800,000 baht, then you are eligible in applying for the retirement visa. Elderly individuals and expatriates are advised to apply for the non-immigrant visa prior to traveling and dwelling in Thailand. If you don’t want to experience any challenges and problems along the way, then you are advised to get the services of a reputable law company to assist you in this particular endeavor.

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